Useful Tools and Resources Thread

I thought that I'd start up a thread for useful things for your Feng Shui games that aren't necessarily Feng Shui related products.

I'll start it off then.

Anyone who's familiar with D6 Star Wars, or Open D6 might know this already but all of Eric Gibson era WEG products are now free.

Of real interest for Feng Shui games is D6 Adventure Locations which is a bunch locations (duh!) very friendly to non-D6 products with things to do and places to go and basic but useful little maps (I know the map is not your friend! but it's sometimes useful for the GM to have an idea about what's in a given place, such as a cavern or an amusement park).

Here's the link. ... _0_0_10020

Great idea!

Styles @ Shaolin

List of Action Heroes

Hong Kong Picture Archive

Discover Hong Kong

The Power of the Pickup Game (for Spirit of the Century SRD) - this is terrific for writing adventures! ... ickup-game

Mandarin Names Explained (for Serenity)

Random name generator that lets you mix and match languages, so you can get HK-style English/Chinese names quite easily:

How to give birth to the Jammers.

We all know the outcome of project Cornelius, but how did it startet - what experiences did form the first of the apes? See here!

(Actually its the second reboot for Planets of the Apes, but so many scenes, looks etc can be used if you want to characterize Potemkin besides a 20mm Minicannon.)


Heh, that's exactly what I thought when I first saw it too!

This is more a general resource, as I wrote it for another system, but I feel it could be quite useful for a cinematic game like Feng Shui, to help inspire stunts and improvised actions. The idea in the original system is you make an opposed roll against a foe's same stat, and if you win, he gets -2 to his Parry, and the nature of the effect is mostly unimportant, mechanically, but for narrative purposes, I compiled a list of examples into a few d20 charts. There is also a weapon (sword) one, which might be used for particular types of attacks, if that were ever needed.

4 Grapple - Grab foe's arm to help aid in your attack.
5 High Ground - Leap onto a higher platform and attack a foe.
6 Leap Kick - Buffet the foe backward with a forceful leap kick. ... sp=sharing

Starfox's T3 houserules: this site made me buy Feng Shui in the first place.
[edit] to download the site

My own house ruled Fu rules. Easier to handle and funnier to make combinations.

Some of these look pretty neat and I'd say are a nice resource. Do you think they are or can be made applicable to FS2E easily?

The second link just goes to D&D Al-Quaddim page, I dont see any FS stuff?

PS Btw, Rickard, you are freaking everywhere in RPG stuff and sites, FS stuff here, Fishtank models there, etc. You're quite the prolific contributor!

Dang it. I had trouble with that myself and then it suddenly stopped. I thought it fixed itself, but I probably just clicked it away somehow.

I added the link to the whole site in the first post:

Haha, thanks, and I'm pissing off some people along the way too. It's the fruit of two years of working on profiling myself, after switching from the Swedish market to the English speaking one.

The China History Podcast

Good history podcast. Do note that 5 of the episodes can no longer be downloaded and some episodes have broken link. The ones with broken links can be download though if you search for them or use iTunes.

The triad ones is highly recommend.

The History of China Podcast

Another history podcast. These are being done in a very structured way. The site does take awhile to load and the podcast files are a bit big.

North Star Games

They make some 28mmm figures that are perfect for to use with in conjunction with shot counter or for those few times you really need to use a map with Feng Shui. (Yes Virginia, you can use maps and miniatures when you play Feng Shui, see pg. 149 (Atlas version) of the core rules.)


Makes several inexpensive and free programs for gamers.

The free program Inspiration Pad Pro (IPP) they make does have Male & Female Chinese Name Generators you can get for it. I used IPP to make name generator for all the names given in the draft copy of Feng Sui 2.

De Wolfe Music

They made the music and sound effect used in many classic Shaw Brothers films and those of other studies. They sell albums of the film music they make and these till make and sell music for use in film. You need to contact them to get download and purchasing access.

So if your wondering why you may hear the same music in a George Romero film, Monty Python And the Holy Grail, & 5 Deadly Venoms.

So if your looking for albums to play in the background to give your game check them out.