Using 3e Library Rules for 5e?

Its comes up plenty of times regarding the awkwardness of large hermetic libraries in 5e and 3e's library scores are often said to be one alternative - I never played 3e, coming in only at 4e, so those that know/knew the 3e library rules, would they be easy to implement for 5e?

(Apologies, my search fu is failing me today)


I don't know what precisely you wish to achieve.

But take a look at Doctorcomic's House Rules: Library from Peripheral Code #1 (see ): it is made for ArM5, has Art and Ability scores for libraries, and lots of library Virtues, Flaws and examples.


IMO 3e had less mandatory complexity and certainly a lot less optional rules for libraries but not significantly. If 5e is too much I don't think 3e will change that as it still gets complex quickly. What are you seeking to rectify in detail? Two stats for books and all the record keeping?

Doctorcomic's Peripheral Code (ding, +1 sale) Library House Rules are along the lines I was looking for :smiley:

I'll be using that for an upcoming saga this year (based on the Northern Sea covenants, which is used as one of the examples in the article ).

The idea of using a parallel to the Lab customisation rules is a stroke of genius.

Thanks OneShot.

I'm glad the house rules were useful!

Coincidentally, we're also playing Northern Seas. Carles and his entire ship just went down in the St Marcellus Flood of 1219!

I'm really looking forward to running a covenant at Sea - I only got Through the Aegis on Friday but have got through the Northern Seas Chapter already :slight_smile: Also went and grabbed the pdf for Hermetic Projects at the same time...

Back to the Library rules - I'm writing them out and tweaking, but I'm interested in peoples thoughts on the scale of Abilities.

For reference, I am considering the following Hermetic Scale
Primer: Library Score 5
Root: Library Score 10
Branch: Library Score 15
Authority: Library Score 20

I am also using Size to determine maximum Scores within the Library and have the following.
Size Art Ability Lab Texts Description
-2[tab][/tab]5 [tab][/tab]3 [tab][/tab]5 [tab][/tab]A box
-1[tab][/tab]10[tab][/tab]4 [tab][/tab]15 [tab][/tab]A chest
+0[tab][/tab]15[tab][/tab]5 [tab][/tab]30 [tab][/tab]One armarius
+1[tab][/tab]20 [tab][/tab]6 [tab][/tab]50 [tab][/tab]Two book closets
+2[tab][/tab]25 [tab][/tab]7 [tab][/tab]75 [tab][/tab]A small room lined with book closets
+3[tab][/tab]30 [tab][/tab]8 [tab][/tab]105[tab][/tab]300 square feet
+4[tab][/tab]35 [tab][/tab]9 [tab][/tab]140[tab][/tab]500 square feet
+5[tab][/tab]40 [tab][/tab]10[tab][/tab]180[tab][/tab]1000 square feet

So what could benchmarks for Abilities be?