Using an advancement to boost your "Backup Attack"

In the case of Maverick Cop, spend an advancement to increase your backup attack to equal your primary attack minus 1. Right?

My question is, does it scale or not? (i.e. I increase my Guns value to 15 after having boosted my Martial Arts to 13 while my Guns value was 14) My mates and I have been disagreeing on this. Would the Martial Arts Value still = X, where X = Guns - 1, or would it sit at 13 until I spent another advancement? To me, the latter way seems like you're​ effectively wasting advancements, and it would discourage someone from ever doing it, as advancements are quite valuable.

Thanks in advance! ^-^

As I read it : no scale. But you can skip one or two backup boost to gain a +2/+3 with One advancement.

But, well, who cares? Feng Shui is not a rule playing game, and there is no balance abuse in any way you choose. And scaling make it funnier, imho.

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The only time you consider the actual value of X is when you take that advancement. If X goes up later, your backup attack doesn't also rise to meet it. After you take the advancement the two attacks are once again independent of one another.

Okay, thanks. I'll wait till my stats are higher before using it.

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