using another's True Name

In earlier versions of Ars, true names were more prominent
In 5th Ed canon, is there anything describes what happens if you mage names themselves after a supernatural entity?

eg if a mage is named after Zeus, does mystic correspondence give the mage some of the power/nature of Zeus?
Or a sudden end by thunderbolt ?

There is nothing indicating anything special would happen.
"Zeus" is almost certainly not the True Name of the entity either (if it even has one - most beings don't have a True Name) - and you can probably find a whole bunch of faeries claiming to be Zeus for that matter (and for the purposes of their stories, they are Zeus)

The closest thing to a true name most magi have (that I am aware of) would be their baptismal names. Or as is the case for magi who were brought up outside christendom their birth names.

For magi brought up christian these names arent even very useful to other magi.

It isn't a true name, but if you are simply after some mystical connection, I think Faerie Sympathy might be applicable.

Ex., a magus names himself after Zeus, and after a few encounters with faeries he gets a Lightning +3 Sympathy Trait (with the usual benefits from RoP:F).

If you also want some kind of negative side to this, maybe anyone who knows of this could use the name "Zeus" as a Sympathetic Connection to the magus to increase penetration if they already have an Arcane Connection (treating as if "Zeus" is the name the magus uses in secret rituals).

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It's not true name related, however there are interesting virtues in the sundered eagle p. 126 (elysian ecstacy and olympian pact) that do something similar to what you're suggesting - channeling the personality and powers of an appropriate god.

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To riff on @RafaelB's post, I believe we may also be underestimating the power of Faerie Lore.

I can see a magus who dresses himself as zeus, takes all the trapping and behaviour, invents lightning spells... all to attract a suitable court of faeries (that feed on the story in which he is zeus reincarnated).
He'd, of course, get into related stories, but might think having such servants worth the hassle.