Using Feng Shui 2 online

Hi there first time post looking for a little advice.

A friend of mine set up an online game using the new 2nd Edition rules but has come up against a stumbling block that might derail the whole thing if he can't work out how to get round a certain issue.

Basically his problem is the shot tracker, round the table this is not a big issue as everyone can see where in the initiative line up they are and when next to take their actions.

Online he's finding this a big problem for the players and controlling / recording and letting everyone know where they are on the tracker.

I was just wondering if anyone had a simple and quick suggestion or do we just accept that although this is a fantastic game it just doesn't irk well for online gaming.

What are you using for online play?

Last time I ran a game over the internet I used Roll20 + a Google Hangout, and in Roll20 you could make up a shot counter "map" and place NPC tokens on it, and move them around for each shot.

Atlas has a combat app for the iPad called Sylvan Master. It has a shot counter included. You can find it on the iTunes Store for $2.99 currently.

Well worth it!

Yes there is. I use this.

1/ create a "google drawings" document in google docs
2/ upload a picture of the shot tracker (most pdf viewers allow you to take a page and save it as a picture file) into the document
3/ Share this document with the players
4/ create shapes in the document, one for each player, npc, and horde of mooks (change the shapes, write the names in the shape, whatever)

Example : ... sp=sharing


I've been prepping for a FS2 online game using Roll20. As a part of my prep work I've been toying around with the Dice Roller commands. Here are a few that I've discovered that can be used with FS2. Type the command within the "quotes", don't include the quotes in your command.

Initiative roll: "/r 1d6"

Closed roll: "/r 1d6 + -1*1d6"

Open roll with two dice and exploding '6s': "/r 1d6! + -1*1d6!"

EDIT: I just tested the above commands with Discord using the Sidekick bot and they work as exactly as written with expected results.

In case this post is helpful for anyone running Feng Shui with Roll20 or Discord. Here are a few more commands for Feng Shui dice rolls:

  • Initiative roll: "/r 1d6"
    Add to your AV for final Initiative result.

  • Closed roll: "/r 1d6 + -1*1d6"

  • Open roll with exploding '6s': "/r 1d6! + -1*1d6!"

  • Open roll with exploding '6s' and adding a Fortune die: "/r 1d6! + -1*1d6!1+ 1d6"

I also created a Shot Counter in Roll20 that displays as a background. Players may then place tokens on top of it to show where they act.