Using invested device + maintaining spell?


I am sort of new to this forum, but i've been playing ArM for over ten years now (4th edition and 5th for the last couple of years).

My question is this: Would a maga using a effect in an invested device while maintaining a spell (a spell she cast herself) have to make a Concentration roll? If so what would the Ease Factor be?

I was unable to find anything about this in the 5th rulebook or on this forum. I haven't really looked hard in any other books as of now. If there is a rule somewhere i hope someone could point it out for me? :slight_smile:

My initial reasoning was that there probably should be a Concentration roll, but that it should be somewhat easier than casting another spell.

Maybe. It is a ST call that depends on how elaborate the activation of the invested item is. Other conditions may come up. Is the item in your hands already, or on the bottom of a grog's pack, lying unconscious at your feet? Think of it like you would adding botch dice to spellcasting. Ideal case is zero botch dice (no roll) and works it's way up from there.....

Basically, no. BUT as Saxonus has said, if using the device means needing to do anything that might break concentration then yes.

I basically agree witht he others but here's the anal rulesy response;

When the device is created a triggering action is defined for it (p.98). The storyguide should evaluate how hard this triggering action is to pull off and compare that judgment with the table on page 82.