Val du Bosque Topography

Being the obsessive individual that I am, in preparation of running A Midsummer Night's Dream I recreated the map of Val du Bosque using a topographical map of the region from Google. I've done some extrapolation based upon the geography, and there's some inconsistencies regarding distances (Foix is now quite a bit closer), but I thought I'd share it with whoever might be interested.

Cheers! ... nished.jpg

This is great, and I completely understand the compulsive nature of it. I currently have a photoshop map of Iberia and France that I've been compiling, with over 40 layers, using different maps -- including topography, political landscape, old roman roads, pilgrimage routes, castles, languages, etc. It's fun, but after awhile, I realized I wasn't really using it in the game, and my energies were better spent elsewhere. I appreciate you passing this map along, though! Mistridge is alive and well in my Iberian Saga.


No problem-- 40 layers is a beautiful thing! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets obsessed about the details!


I like it a lot; how long did it take? I've been building a Campaign Cartograher map of the area around Triamore and east for quite some time but it does seem to take ages.

Thanks. It probably took about 8 hours. I printed up the topography and just sort of placed the towns, rivers, wooded areas and roads with colored pencil, based on the map in the Mistridge book and the physical layout of the land. The distances between towns is not the same but I tried to lay them out as close to the Mistridge map as possible. I threw in a few extra paths that seemed like they would make sense. Then I did a 'cleaner' version in Photoshop. There are also a few real French towns on the topographical map that might be worth fleshing out. One glaring inconsistency with the Mistridge map is the actual distance Foix is from Val du Bosque-- something I couldn't figure out how to remedy without putting Val du Bosque on the other side of the Pyrenees.

firth5/eric, seems a shame to waste all that effort!

Why not make your map available to the Forum or via the Atlas Website?

Even if incomplete, it could be a great resource for starting Troupes.

I'd be particularly interested in the Iberia section myself.