Valentin of the Younger House:

to begin with you will need to make this character through apprenticeship, I also would like to know where the reference is for children of odin...

Children of Odin are in Normandy tribunal book, 120-121

That works- as for whether King Phillip II was killed by the order, I'm going to say that is uncertain. Queen Skuld has been marched, and she claimed upon her marching that she was the rightful queen, that one of her people had killed Phillip through magically induced illness, but it was never proven one way or the other. She disappeared leaving little in the way of resources anyone could locate, and rumors say she has found refuge in Stonehenge, but there was not enough evidence to bring it before the grand tribunal or do much more than ask arround after her, which has turned up no sign of where she is. They did get a measure passed at the grand tribunal that all tribunals would recognize her as marched and destroy her if located.
Again, lets create the character up through the gauntlet then se what it would take for him to be recruited to the Children of Odin.

Are you ok with taking different Major flaws than what the tradition gets by canon? (for instance, Deficient Intellego instead of Weak Magic Resistance)

Either way I should be able to post tonight.

That will be discussed later, but my thought is that it was a small mystery cult which likely didn't see much variation in initiation scripts. In fact Queen Skuld may have been its only mystagogue.

I meant the Ex Misc flaw. Normally Pralicians have Weak Magic Resistance but I'd change it if allowed.

praelix is all about opening hedge wizards, which requires a high inVi score, so a deficient Intelligo would not be remotely possible for a tradition linked flaw.

Born and baptized Valentin William d'Arcy, second son of a minor Norman noble house, his normality was shattered by the arrival of a magus on his ninth birthday: Gwilhelm of the Younger House (an antiquated Gaelic term for ex Miscellanea), an elder Pralician, very knowledgeable in the lore and magic traditions of the British Isles, who spent a much of his time wandering different parts of that territory, looking for gifted youths and hedge wizards. Gwilhelm made it his business to preserve the numerous hedge traditions that proliferate the former Diedne lands, really a cover for his preservation of the Diedne methods themselves.

Valentin was valued by his family, and had been loved as a young boy, but as his gift manifested that had changed, and so by the time Gwilhelm claimed the boy as apprentice, Valentin's father agreed, happy to be rid of his son's odious presence. Gwilhelm was a skilled instructor, and Valentin's apprenticeship was relatively normal, other than learning the forbidden Diedne methods. He kept his name at gauntlet, since he was baptized and since he valued his own Norman heritage; and after his gauntlet, which required him to gain an insight from an ancient druidic artifact, he is searching for a spot in a covenant that will allow him to stay in Normandy, and keep in contact with his family.

Intelligence 3
Perception 1
Strength -3
Stamina 3
Presence 0
Communication 2
Dexterity -3
Quickness 3

Early Childhood:

Native Language: Normand French (Stories) 5

Area Lore: Normandy (History) 1
Awareness (Alertness) 2
Charm (First Impressions) 2
Folk Ken (Nobles) 1
Guile (Lying to Authority) 1

Later Life:

Concentration (Spells) 5


Dead Language: Latin (Hermetic Uses) 4
Magic Theory (Integration) 5
Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Magic) 2
Philosophiae (Ceremonial Magic) 1
Magic Lore (Traditions) 2
Penetration (Comprehend Magic) 2
Comprehend Magic (Spells) 3
Finesse (Vim) 1
Parma Magica (Mentem) 1


Creo 3
Intellego 3
Muto 3
Perdo 3
Rego 3
Animal 3
Auram 3
Aquam 3
Corpus 3
Herbam 3
Ignem 3
Imaginem 3
Mentem 3
Terram 3
Vim 3

The Gift
Comprehend Magic
Minor Magical Focus: Exotic Magic
Diedne Magic
Inventive Genius
Skilled Parens
Fast Caster
Good Teacher
Apt Student
Book Learner
Improved Characteristics

Weak Magic Resistance: Non-Studied Magic
Dark Secret
Blatant Gift
Ambitious (Major)
Disjointed Magic
Small Frame
Unimaginative Learner

you cannot have more than 5 minor flaws (AM p. 37)
You also have 11 points in virtues and 9 points in flaws (dark secret does not count in terms of points when you have Diedne magic as a virtue), you are only allowed 10 points, though I'm not sure why you have improved characterstics listed when you have 7 points in characteristics...
Early childhood is supposed to be 45 points plus a 5 in your native language, you have chosen 60 points plus a 5 in your native language
the extra 15 points can be applied as an extra year prior to apprenticeship, making him an apprentice at age 11, passing gauntlet at 26
you have 310 points in your apprenticeship, which allows for 300


The mmf is from Ex Misc, the Ambitious was always meant to be major.

okay- ex miscelania requires a free minor hermetic virtue, which is the mmf, a free major hermetic flaw, which is Blatant gift? and a free major non-hermetic virtue, which again would be which virtue? Diedne magic is hermetic, so it can't count...

The Major flaw is the Weak MR to non-studied magic.
Major virtue is Comprehend Magic

okay, sorry that took so long- dealing with multiple new mages at the same time can be... frazzling.
obviously you need to pick the starting spells, then proceed with standard advancement. Given the nature of this magus and the society he will be associated with I believe they would have approached him, meaning you do not need any seasons seeking them out.

Will do. Sorry to make so much work for you.

at least I'm not bored...