Valentine day special session

Ave sodales, I will have a session for tomorrow and I wonder if it would be a good idea to make a "Valentine day special adventure".

The magi are about to explore Calebais' deep and it may be a bad thing to interrupt That. Thoughts ?

How would You add personal romance flavour on the Calebais story ?

Well I may differ the main saga and let the players play some grogs at home. If so, do You know any one-shot story with romantic affair ?

Make them go into twilight.

Well, the lovely, older dryad...

Well, as a rule of thumb, although this forum is very responsive and will provided with lots of answer...
The possible has been already done,
The impossible will be done immediately,
For miracles, you might experience some delay :slight_smile:

One day notice might not provide you with a lot of info.

There is one piece of advice we could have given though - in Tales of Mythic Europe (which was part of the Bundle of Holding, so many people may have a PDF copy) there is an adventure "The ship of love" based around Romance. How you'd switch from Calebais to that without it looking forced is beyond me.