Value of Gemstones

I'm thinking of having a collection of all things Terram appear in my campaign somewhere the players might acquire it. Just a "Small" bit of each type. And while a pebble sized amount of marble, obsidian, sand, clay, and countless other materials aren't worth much in terms of silver, some of the metals and especially the gemstones might be worth a great deal. Assuming that each sample is about a fingers width, if the players decide to break up the collection and sell off the valuables how much mythic silver should it be worth?

I plan on the collection also serving as a reasonably high quality tractus on terram so there'll be some incentive not to just sell it off.

Do you have the covenants books?
Because this seems to me like a perfect example of Realia (Covenants, p. 102).

As for the worth in silver, City and Guild might be able to help you there [strike](noble's parma)[/strike], but if they can find a hermetic buyer, the price might be rather higher for the whole collection.

EDIT: City and Guild suggests 2 pounds of silver per ounce of medium quality gems, 2 ½ pound per ounce for good quality.

HOwever, I am tempted to try and turn this into an RP-thread and offer to buy the whole collection (in character), price depending on how many elements (objects) are in the collection.
how many different types of stone, dirt, clay, metal, ore, gem etc are in the collection?

Indeed. As our sodales Vespasian points out, it is OBVIOUS that an ounce of sandstone and an ounce of granite are TOTALLY different :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: Suggesting otherwise is something only an Auram magus would do.


I can't imagine the "silver value" being even one tenth the value of having access to every terram material bonus that the Order knows of. If they do decide to break up the set, have a strawman buyer from a rival buy it. No amount of silver will be worth the new reputation, Morons, that the covenant will gain.

Really? Is that all?
I'd have thought that an ounce of low quality diamonds would be higher than only 2 years wages.
I assume that progression increases, so hermetically created gemstones would be worth more than 3lb of silver. Also that a single 1oz gem is more than 1oz of gemS.
Looks like making wealth by selling creo'd gemstones is out, as 1 vis = 10lb of silver IIRC.


Arethese cut or uncut stones?