vampires of different realms

It is mentioned that there are versions of supernatural creatures belonging to each Realm.

What of vampires?
5th Ed has Faerie vampires.
Previous Ed had Infernal vampires.
What about Divine vampires? Perhaps they suck the Evil out of you, dying once they have too much Evil?
What about Magical vampres? Perhaps bestial? (like magical humans aka giants)

Iirc there are both faerie andninfernal vampires in 5ed, i think that there is a textbox about it in against the dark.


You could easily have magical vampires as well, even if they are not published.
A divine vampire wouldn't really be a vampire anymore, no matter which way you decide to turn it to make it work- a vampire by definition takes life/energy rather than giving.


So a Divine vampire might be in service to the Angel of Death?

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Not really, the angel of death is essentially a psychopomp- leading the souls of the dead into the afterlife, not a parasite.

Perhaps I am misremembering Exodus, but wasn't the Angel of Death the cause of the first-born of Egypt being slain? In the final plague announced by Moses?

Admittedly I am just casually tossing ideas on the possibility of a Divine vampire.
I am more interested in a Magical vampire, as the Divine ones are probably kept for special occasions.

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I always felt divine was a bit different in regards to supernatural creatures.
A lot just don't fit.
There's a bunch of more sensual creatures such as dryads, succubae, etc, where there's no logical divine option, unless you make something which is the nearly complete opposite. Say, a unicorn with it's connection to chaste maidens being the divine satyr...

If you want to go with the concept of a vampire sucking some kind of energy, a divine "vampire" could suck fear, being a useful ally in large scale battle.


Dryads I could see, if you didn't make them hypersexual and instead had chaste spritis of pure nature as was created. Really far down in the divine heirarchy. Even Nephelim being divine is about geneology instead of nature, considering tha biblically they were the offspring of fallen angels and have mortal failings. However things normally asociated pretty well with the infernal are a different matter. Succubi are mythologically descended from Lilithu, a form of sexual vampire, but they also relate to the Muslim Houri, which are normally translated as "virgins" when muslim men are promised 72 of them if they die a martyr- lots of variation on that theme in myths, legends, and folklore to work with. Incubi on the other hand don't really have any virtuous "relatives" except in the fairy associations- namely a lot of ancient deities known form prominent members and hypersexuality raging from fauns to Zeus...
realistically while you won't find much in the way of sex positivity in Christian lore of the era, sex is ultimately a life giving activity so it can certainly exist, at least in principle, as part of the divine. If you get into the details Lust is considered a sin because it is about objectification of people, though this will also vary depending on the doctrine that any particular faith embraces.

Personnally, I read this more as Magical, I'll confess.
Although that's probably because I focus more on the "pure nature as was created" and less on "chaste spirits" :slight_smile:

Oooh! I like this.
This makes the divine "better", less of a jerk, and is really something that could be misunderstood and twisted by men.

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The usual "your saga may vary", "write the story you want" caveat.

I'm pretty sure if your excuse was "I got wood for wood, not people", you still wouldn't get away with relations with a Dryad in the eyes of the church.

Indeed. The Church does wield among others Leviticus 18-20 and Genesis 38 8-10.

Not sure the connection since both of those are about incest, and whether a dryad can be of the divine realm or not she certainly won't be family.

My assumption is OneShot is suggesting the Divine Realm in canonical AM is not know for it's tolerance. There's a lot of, "thou shalt not", "it is an abomination", "It displeases the lord", "the lord did smite", etc.

If the Divine have problems with a shepherd getting closer to his flock than he should, I am confident a dryad is a step beyond a sheep, and even more abominable.

And of sex with animals, and of masturbation. The medieval readings of the Old Testament are very explicit there. That is why they respond to Lee above.

I don't know about that. Many medieval dynasties had legends of faerie blood in their lineage. Given how important marriage was to legitimacy - no noble would want to be called a bastard child, out of wedlock - you wouldn't think there was a prohibition in the church about marrying with a faerie, or you would think this sort of details would get swept under the rug as a detail of the family history best not shared.

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Also keep in mind that there is a difference between divine and theology here- The medieval church did not agree with Islam on a lot of doctrine, or with Judaism, and yet all three are under the umbrella of the divine. A divine mosque in the Jerusalem was seen as a crusader as an instrument of the devil. Similarly, just because the church would condemn a dryad does not mean they are not Divine. Even the devil can quote scripture, and the most holy of men can be mistaken.
Of course this brings up interesting issues if a divine dryad is put to the fire by men of the church. Exactly the kind of "incident" the infernal would love to encourage.


My understanding is that different supernatural creatures can belong to multiple realms, but there's no guarantee that any specific supernatural creature will belong to multiple realms - so I'd be quite happy to just say "no, divine vampires do not exist".

Most things anyone's ever bothered to tell stories about probably come in Faerie flavour, though.


This is my view. There are probably faeries pretending to be angels or demons, just to feast on the vigour of the people who are filled with self confidence/righteousness or tormented by their guilt after the interaction.


I'd tell you one view, Medusa, is that the Dominion and Infernal realms emerged from Faerie, even if they'll deny it :smile:

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I remember the thread "explaining" how the infernal and divine might just be two extremely powerful faerie and we cannot tell them apart.

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