Vanilla Covenants Project returns !

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Hello everybody,

I’ve extracted Timothy Ferguson’s work from former Tome of Covenants pdf and put it into a new single pdf named A Vanilla Covenant — Tome 1. This is because others projects never came completed. Actually, only Timothy’s one got entirely done. But as Tome 1 stands for if other(s) vanilla covenant(s) should come to be done, maybe I’d do another/some other pdf to propose it/them to the community.

Now I’m going to ask Timothy Ferguson if he is OK for me to make this new pdf available for free to Ars Magica community.

@Timothy Ferguson : (maybe he could answer me on this very thread…)

If he is OK, I would like to make this new pdf integrated into Project: Redcap. I’m going to add it into the « downloads section » : as well as into the « Welcome to Ars Magica section » : (into the Your First Covenant subsection).

I also would like to make this pdf available/linked directly from my personal site so as to be able to edit it if it should ever have to be modified. For the moment, I’ve linked it from my Dropbox, but this is of a temporary solution.

What’s in the pdf:
This pdf is entirely bookmarked and its ToC page provides links to its contents. There are also links to Atlas Games web pages activated from ArM books’ titles when these pages are available.

What isn’t in the pdf:
Asteria of Verditius’s sheet is not in the pdf, for no one has come to make her put into figures. As Timothy decided not to make senior magi, « Iroundbound Tome » and « The Fixer » made two of them (respectively Fidelus of Bonisagus and Antigone of Criamon), but no one has ever done Asteria. Maybe someone among you folks?…

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I'd like to see more of these.

I'm happy for you to spread this for free...sure!

It would be great if someone statted Asteria. I do think it's sad that this year we didn't even try for a collaborative project. I'm not even NaGaDeMoning this month. I think a few of us are just having rest now that line is winding down (or around, or...whatever it is doing.)

I'll have a go of creating stats for Asteria, just not quickly. The Boni took a fair while to write up.

Excellent news!

I've started to read the Vanilla covenant you wrote Timothy, and I think it is very good. Some good choices have been made, and they are explained well, for the flow of play. Many of the problems a spring covenant faces in a 'covenant-builders' themed saga are avoided by already being established. The well known solution 'the senior magi are too busy - deal with it yourselves' works to a certain degree and for a time. But eventually you can remove them from the sage in some way, then the players are ready. I like the point of the senior magi being partly run by the players otherwise playing junior magi, in order to try out more advanced magical feats etc. I had never even considered that.

Whether the line is winding around or sideways I don't know either. But let's not allow the name of the month dictate too much, I think it's never too late to collaborate on some project. Just as the line as announced ended there was a lot of buzz regarding collaborative writing and whether or not the Roman Tribunal book took off I can't say since I left the discussion early.
After finishing my last draft for the last ArM book I contributed to I've managed to finish some material for SubRosa which had been underway for quite some time. But now I'm ready to look into other things. I just don't have any good ideas. I might get some ideas about specific things once a concept has been invented.

Minor editorial note on the pdf.

You should take an author credit for your intro! You wrote your intro! Take credit!

"Royale" is certainly a spelling sometimes seen in period, as it was correct in French, but it's not modern English, it looks like a spelling mistake.

Additional Credits are on page #2 (fourth page of the pdf) :

Ironbound Tome's introduction will be credited more obviously in a next version of the pdf…

"Royale" is as from "Heirs to Merlin: the Stonehenge Tribunal" map key…

…but there also is : "Stonehedge" instead of "Stonehenge", so…

Is it not "Royale" as in James Bond's "Casino Royale" ? :wink:

Misspelling will be corrected in a next version of the pdf…

As threatened, I've started working on Asteria. New post for here.