Various Dungeoneer Questions

My girlfriend and me are playing the starter game with all expansions except to the desert and the ice witch, and we stumbled upon some questions.

  1. In the wilderness we found a second portal, but there is no matching portal in the dungeon yet. What happens? Will it connect to the first dungeon portal, or will it be inactive until a second dungeon portal was found?

  2. I think, once you reach fourth level, it will be nearly senseless to go outside the dungeon. Do you think the same? Are epic / legendary outdoor cards planned?

  3. A hero has two boon slots, and he chooses the first two boons his player draws. Fair enough, he is not able to unlearn chosen boons, but he should be able to learn improved versions?

  4. Will the doppelganger in the Mirror Chamber have the same weapons and boons as the hero, or will he just copy his stat banner?