Various Questions.

Hi there! First time posting, and I have a couple of questions for you good folks.

In your opinion, would the category [Dragons] count as a minor or major magical focus?

Secondly, do the shape and material bonuses from Potent Spells stack with those attuned to a talisman? For example, a potent PeHe spell to destroy wood, cast with a Talisman that is an axe. Would one get +4 or +8 to the casting total?

And finally, a little clarification on the Charm magic mystery virtue(HoH:MC). One can attach charms up to ones score in Faerie Magic. How exactly does one use multiple charms in the casting of a spell? Can they all be used without effort in the right situation, or does one need to create them as one large charm beforehand?

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1)Minor - as you're looking at charm magic, you must have HoH:Mystery Cults, which in the Bjornaer section allows Mythical Creatures as a minor focus. In general, one fairly narrow class of creature should count as a minor, so it's obvious if something is in fact a crocodile or a giant snake and not a dragon.

2)I would say no, as you'd be trying to use the same shape/ material bonus twice.

3)umm...your best guidance is probably the paragraph near the bottom of p.97 which explain you can combine charms and gives the example of "magus","Darius","in winter" as a combination. I'm not sure how to make the examples clearer.

To the best of my knowledge, they do, assuming the spell is designed with potent magic.

I seem to recall there was a thread about this a while ago - have you experimented with the advanced search function yet? :slight_smile: