Vaults of the Order New Item: the Foot-lamp of al-Mansur

See my 1st contribution to (Vaults of the Order, aka "VotO") here and some commentary on why I chose the image in this post over at my blog.

Further background on Timothy's pre-November NaGaDeMon collaborative project for this year can be found over in this thread where it was previously pitched as "the Hermetic Museum". I would encourage you to search through the Metropolitan Museum's collection of images available under their OASC concept, find one that strikes you as inspirational and get writing a contribution!

I'm already onto my next item, which will be based on this image:

It's labelled as the finial of a kerykeion (herald's staff) but to me it's clearly the last remnant of the broken talisman of a pre-Schism War Gifted Mercere and has already got me thinking of how I can work this into a piece with a few juicy story seeds... I wonder what would happen if the finial was affixed to the modern staff of a Redcap or magus? Would it summon the attention of the shade of the slain Redcap-magus?

Might even link in nicely to some of my existing material on Walking Sticks for Redcaps.

More soon...



PS Timothy has kindly given me editor status on VotO so I can contribute more easily but I'm also happy to help out with posting contributions if the whole blogging approach is new or difficult.