Veil of Invisibility & casting no shadow?

Hi all

My question is : would you use PeIg requisite to V.O.I if you wanted said spell to cast no shadows?

Also do you just need ig for this?



I would think Creo and Ignem instead of Perdo and Ignem.

No, I'd just add a Creo, so that I could make species that look like whatever my shadow is hiding.

You'd probably have to add extra magnitudes for the additional complexity of changing and moving the created species, but this makes the most sense to me overall.

I'd require Ignem since your dealing with light not species. Rego Ignem would be my first choice of combo. Detouring the light that would otherwise be blocked by the invisible thing. Defiantly some extra magnitudes.

"You can defy all you want, it's definite"

I'm not even sure this is legit - is it even the same Target?

The shadow that the mage casts seems like a completely diff Target than the mage themself, no?

(Also, one (unspoken) element in the canon effect is exactly to make Invisibility have a weakness. ysmv, but it's not an unreasonable one, and making Invisibility "perfect" should not be completely trivial imo.)

I had exactly the same thought upon reading that one. I still think Creo + Ignem, to create light on the side of you where your shadow would be in the pattern of the shadow, would fit. That would require at least +1 magnitude for requisites (they're both for the same purpose). However, I could see a ruling that the moving image is even more complicated now so another +1 magnitude in complexity might be deserved.

... and those species would be cast into shadow just the same.

A spell to destroy the species of the shadow? ...although that would probably leave a blank spot, or a blur. The shadow is itself an area of reduced species.

Speaking of which, the best invisibility spell is The Shadow's 'Cloud Men's Minds' effect.

Really, invisibility works best on clouded days or at night.

You could, perhaps, use a MuCo to make yourself transparent. You'd still leave a shadow, but as a glass object. ... hm, now I'm curious about refractive index in the medieval paradigm.

Bodily Transparency as Clearest Water
Level 10
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
Makes a human body transparent, as though made of only water. This spell does not affect coloration. The resulting body can be seen through, but the muscles and organs are still visible as disembodied shapes of their appropriate color. This is often quite disturbing to most people (including magi) who have never seen such a thing. Originally intended to make invisibility spells more effective, it is also useful for studying human anatomy. Requisites for Forms of clothing and objects carried may be required. An Imaginem requisite changes the colors to one color; a Perdo Imaginem destroys the colors themselves. The shadow cast by a transparent body is thinner, weaker, and more diffuse, but still visible; increase the difficulty to spot a disembodied shadow by +3.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

Optionally, as the PeIm guidelines say, use CrIg or ReIg to destroy your shadow. Also optionally, shift the image of the shadow away, or spread it thinly over a larger area.