Venti Ex Miscellanea Orbi Bonisagus character development

Venti Ex Bonisagus

Birth name/Baptisimal name: Lorenz Vogel

Venti is an albinos man, with clear blue eyes and an athletic build. He likes to engage in conversation with people, however because of his akwards ways and weird look, most interlocutor tends to cut short conversation, so he spends his time mostly by himself.

In the year of our Lord 1193, a particularly powerful storm hit the northern coasline of the Rhine Tribunal coastline many ships and sailors were lost to the sea. An event that occured during that night in Lübeck, which is still talked about in Lübeck to this day. During that storm a battered cog entered the harbour and its crew, strange looking fellows, sought refuge from the storm in many places. But the townspeople were wary of these men, as they had an unatural look and a foreign language no one had never before.

An impoverished merchant finally let them in him rundown house by an empoverish merchant, convinced by the strangers' silver coins. However, unbeknownst to him, during that night, that his daughter was seduced by the most charming of them. Over the course of the next week, the strangers repaired their ships and one morning, they wre gone, to everyone's relief. Venti's grandfather would die later that year, crushed by a wooden beam, when a crane unloading a cargo grain from Danzing collasped on him.

Nine months later, as waves were crashing into the harbour's wall, projecting sea spray in they air and an unusually strong gale was damaging anchored ships and rooftoops, she gave birth to Venti.The wisewoman crossed herself seing the otherwordly pale infant, and soon the news spread, along accusation of witchcraft. Fearing for her life and her newborn's, she left Lübeck the next morning, leaving everything behind.

She eventually found her way into a covenant in the Rhine Tribunal, where she worked as a maid. Lorenz was eventually recognized as a gifted child by a Bonisagus magi nearing final twilight. Overt the course of the following years, Venti was trained in the fifteen arts of the Hermetic Magic. When his master entered final twilight, however, he left House Bonisagus having stayed only out of respect for the old magi. Having heard of a foundation of a new covenant in the far reaches of hermetic land, he left his old covenant, looking for a fresh start.

Int : 3 (quick-witted)
Sta : 2 (lean build)
Com : 1
Per : 1
Str : 0
Dex : 1
Qik : 1
Pre : -2 (awkward)

Loyal 0
Optimistic 3
Independant 2
Generous 1
Reckless 1

Magi Orbi 2 (House Bonisagus)


Major magical focus (weather) 3
Affinity with creo 1
Puissant creo 1
Puissant auram 1
Affinity with auram 1
Magical blood (people of the cloud) 1
Puissant Penetration 1
Skilled Parens 1
Puissant magic theory free


Optimistic 3
Covenant Upbringing 1
Hedge wizard minor 1
Plagued by supernatural entity 3
Disfigured (albinos) 1
Weird Magic 1

Early Childhood (0-5) (45 xp)

Athlethic 1 (running) 5
Brawl 1 (dodging) 5
Swimming 1 (underwater maneuvering) 5
Low German 5 (slang) Free
Folk ken 1 (covenfolks) 5
Awareness 2 (Alertness) 15
Latin 1 (weather terms) 5
guile 1 (covenfolk) 5

Later Life (5-7) (30 xp)

Latin 3 (weather terms) 25
Stealth 1 (sneak) 5

Apprenticeship (7-17) (240 xp, 120 spell levels)

Parma magica 1 (mentem) 5
Magic theory 5+2 (creo) 75

Penetration 1 (auram) 5
Concentration 1 (spell concentration) 5

Finesse 1 (precision) 5
Leadership 1 (laboratory work) 5

Etiquette 1 (covenfolk) 5
Code of Hermes 1 (mundane relations) 5

Magic Lore 1 (magical creatures) 5
O.of H. Lore 1 (personalities) 5

Total : 120 xp for abilities


Creo 12+3 60 (90)
Auram 12+3 60 (90)

Total : 120 xp for arts

Spells :

ReMe 10 The Call to Slumber
ReIm 10 Wizard's sidestep
PeIm 15 Veil of Invisibility (R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind)
InAu 25 Eyes of the Bat
PeAu 30 The Cloudless Sky Returned
CrAu(Re)30 Wings of the soaring wind
ReAu 30 Ward against the Storm’s Fury

This spell keeps lightning at bay, unable to approach within 1 pace of the caster. This renders the

caster immune to lightning damage up to +30 in intensity; she is also immune to the ‘knock-back’ effect

associated with lightning strikes.
Phillida notes that some members of House Flambeau have developed lightning magics which can breach even

this exceptional ward, so warns against complacency.

(Base: 10,+2 Sun,+2 up to +30 damage)

N.B. On the Net Grimoire, this is a level 40 spell (they added +4 magnitude for +30 soak). I disagree

with that because there is no clear guidelines (i.e., base 4) for ignem but there is one for Auram,

(i.e., base 10).It is also less versatile, as it only protect against lightning.+2 magnitude seems


Skilled Parens (60 xp, 30 spell levels)

Latin 4 (Hermetic usage) 20
A. Liberales 1 (Ritual magic) 5
Teaching 1 (Magic Theory) 5
Penetration 3 (Auram) 25
Philosophae 1 (Ritual magic) 5

After apprenticeship, 5 years

Year 1

Rego 5 15
Parma magica 2 10
Creo 13 2 (3)
Auram 13 2 (3)
Vim 1 1

Year 2

-The Incantation of Lightning CrAu 35
(Creo 16, Auram 16, Focus 16, Int 3, Aura 3, Magic theory 8, Nocturnal 2, Double Overtime 6)

-Pull of the Skybound Winds CrAu 30
-Broom of the wind, Charge of the angry winds CrAu 30
-Breath of the Impenetrable Fog, Jupiter's Resounding Blow CrAu 20, CrAu 10

CrAu 20
R: Touch D: Sun T: Individual

By this spell, the Maga is able to create a thick, impenetrable fog that extends for about a mile in

every direction. Visibility within this severe fog can be restricted to only a few paces. Strong winds

can cause the fog to move (as a mass) and at the end of the spell the fog dissipates naturally.
Aware that some of the nobles had taken an interest in her, Carissa became aware that she was being

followed (she presumed in an attempt to trace her covenant). She waited until she had ridden up into the

hills, before using this spell to hide her from her pursuers. She recommends using the spell ‘True Sight

of the Air’ in conjunction with this spell. Can be cast inside. (modified version the a spell found on

the net grimoire)

(Base: 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Size, +1 unnatural)

Year 3

Spell Mastery (The Incantation of Lightning) 3 30
(Penetration, Multiple Casting, Spell Resistance)

Year 4

Perdo 5 15
Intellego 5 15

Year 5

  • Quiet the Raging Winds PeAu 20
  • Circling winds of Protection CrAu(Re)20
  • True Sight of the Air InAu 15
  • Whispering Winds InAu 15