Venus' Blessing for teaching characters

I was just munchkining around and in the process came up with an interesting character idea. While working on it, this question popped up:

Does the +3 bonus on Communication and Presence "rolls" apply to advancement totals for students taught by this character? Satyr Blood (RoP:F) specifically mentions that its bonus applies on Communication and Presence totals, and this wording is far more recent - so is Venus' Blessing supposed to work the same way (which would necessitate an errata) or is it intentionally worded that way?

(P.S.: The character concept would basically be Richard Feynmann ex Jerbiton (or maybe Bonisagus) with Satyr Blood. :wink:)

I'd say no as there's no roll involved.

...and because that would probably be more distracting than useful :wink:

... on the other hand there's the clichée of high school girls getting into literature because of certain teachers. :wink: Getting and maintaining attention are key in transmitting as much knowledge as possible.

My high school class, it was chemistry.
Appearantly several of the girls took more advanced chemistry classes than they otherwise would've done because of the teacher's rear.

But that doesn't increase how much you learn per season, merely how much time you are willing to devote to the subject.

The cliche also says that after getting into the class the girls pay attention to the teacher, not to what he is saying, so I am not sure venus belssing should work here. I would vote for not applying it.


It would certainly apply for getting and keeping attention, but it´s questionable if that also translates to any actual XP bonus...

Hard to say for sure actually. My initial thought was that it most certainly should not apply, but more attention DOES indeed often get people to study better. :confused:

Van Halen wrote a song on this subject: Hot For Teacher

Who says they're paying attention to the subject material? Van Halen's song suggests otherwise. :laughing:

The virtue does say rolls so I've never applied it to teaching totals.

Of course there is always Satyr Blood same idea but smaller bonus. That virtue specifically says totals not rolls, so I've always figured the bonus would apply to teaching. The real question is would it apply to writing. "Mmm this book on Creo is so much easier to follow. It must be cause the author's hot." :unamused:

Nymph Blood works for both sex but is limited to +3 Communication.
Satyr Blood would work for girls only but can reach 5+1 Communication.