Vera Belladonna Rudolphius training

currently I have:
Summer: teach magic theory (SQ:24)
Autumn: Lab assistant
winter: lab assistant
spring: lab assistant
Summer: fosterage
fall: fosterage
winter: fosterage
spring: fosterage
summer: lab assistant
Winter: teach magic theory (SQ:24)
winter: lab assistant
spring: lab assistant
summer: teach magic theory (SQ:24)
autumn: lab assistant
winter: read Corpus hermeticum
spring: read corpus hermeticum
summer: teach magic theory (SQ:24)
autumn: read corpus hermeticum

I need to figure out wat advancement she would have had in fosterage: I'm figuring Constantine would have probably been willing to foster her to confirm what he had learned from Edith and see if there was any new info...

Who is Constantine? Do you mean Cornelius? What fosterage do you speak of? I recall no such agreement. You are on your own with this one. And what about time with her son?

I meant Cornelius, if he is not willing to foster he might be able to suggest someone who would, or she can check with her parens...

as to time with her son I'm sure Donna can be persuaded to let one apprentice have a year's vacation when she realizes they don't age...

Forgot about Donna. She is supervising both the boys is it? Vera is also a bad mother, and is happy to pawn the kid off to a new nanny and double down on work & study instead. She is finally on the life track she wants to be, and for the first time feels like she is in control of her life.

I is not that Vera wants to be a bad mother or is proud of it. Her story is the same as Edith's, promiscuous (and abused) child, teenage mother, then Vulcanus.

As for Fosterage, I suppose Cornelius would be willing to help, for reasons of his own. There is always an ulterior motive with that guy.

how should we handle her advancement during fosterage?

the fostering magus will decide.
I also discovered that you have another Bonisagus right at your doorstep. Why not ask Cecelio to be the foster maga?

Good point- would Cecilio wish to foster? Fleur will mention the possibility that Vera may be a source of inspiration for developing fertility magic...

Cecilio would certainly be willing to do that. She could start in 1242. She's scheduled up until then.

The question is for the time beginning in the summer of 1241...

Well either the schedule needs to be reshuffled or Cecilio won't do it.
Edit: Either are fine. Sorry, if that was a touch terse.

So it will be what can be arranged with Cornelius. Also try and start a correspondence with him- any topics (abilities or arts) he would be interested in starting a correspondence about?

His main agenda, magic wise, is to spread his experimental discoveries. They are trivial, new parameters based on Glyph as a Range/Target/Duration. Cool ideas, but any magus is already able to invent spells with oddball parameters. This is more like an example of an optimal configuration. He is able to cast spontaneous Glyphs, but that is not really as useful as one may think. He has another Minor Breakthrough he is working on refining, using Glyphs as a Form & Effect bonus. Again, magi can already manage this using symbols (half bonus I think). The glyph system combined with the right script would allow for a wider symbol range though.
His deal is that he wants to work on spreading materials, his and others. He will trade you a grimoire of breakthrough spells for one of yours, and he will trade those he has gathered for those that you gather. For example, there is an Alchemy breakthrough in the Delivery to Barcelona thread hint hint, and Cornelius has gathered other trivial and minor breakthroughs he wants distributed.
As for pure correspondence, he likes to talk about the experimental process, and mentions that he thinks that lab work in the days of the early Oder was mostly experimental and was almost required.

He will gladly foster Vera for a season or so, and will ask if her sister can come visit. I will work out her sched to fit it in. He will take them on adventure.

Cornelius is a Bonisagus of Bonisaguse lineage, somewhat of a Trianomist in his social life, a Quaesitor Traditionalist with Transitionalist sympathies, an opportunist, a pragmatist, and a Seeker.