Verditius Elder Runes

Hello all,

I have a simple question.
If an item is open for enchantment by a verditius who scribe one of the elder rune on it.
Can this object be used as a support for a charged item ? Will the benefit of the Verditius rune valid for such no-vis-consuming enchantment ?

Ther is no restriction in the book about making an otherwise enchanted object into a charged item. I don't like the idea at all and would argue against it but I've found no explicit rules quote to support my point

The mystery of verditious runes only talks about instilled effects, I'd say no. The mystery is about Invested items.

From the perspective of trying to see what the original intent of the rules was I'd say no

From a game balance perspective I'd say no. (actually, from a game balance perspective) I'd say to throw Verditiuous runes out of the game all together and house rule penetration on charged devices to 1 point per 3 levels rather than 2 points per level.)

If I understand your question want to open up (object A) an item with Verd runes. Then you wish to instill a power that has charges...

page 96:

Enchanted devices come in three types:
Invested items, lesser enchanted items and charged items.

If you go through the descriptions for each type, it seems pretty clear that you can't mix the various types..though Charged items and Lesser items seem close cousins...
Charged items do not require Vis.
Instilling powers into an Invested item requires Vis.
Once you open it, unless you have some mystery or some such that 'breaks the rules', you seem to be stuck with above plan.
I also agree with Erik that it doesn't seem to be good idea in any case...

Many thanks for your answers.
This idea was also really disturbing for me.

The aim was not to enchant an power with a large penetration score included in the effect but to allow the magi to invest a very powerfull power that they can not achieve otherwize.

I m playing ArM5 since the very first days, and the charged items are greatly used by my character even if the other players consider such creation as a waste of time.
My personnal point of view is if you do not need the power every day, then think about that cheap solution.
That's why when the young verditius showed me what can be expected as a bonus for preparing an item for enchantment with Elder Runes carved on it, I could not stop my brain starting fancy calculations :slight_smile:

I m happy that I m not the only one not having found a rule preventing such excess. I m ok with your view otherwize the magi will reach higher level of powerfullness leading to campaign hard to master for GMs.

Many thanks once again