Verditius Magic increasing possible Item size

On page 93 of ARM5, if a Verditius crafts an item, he can deduct his Craft score from the number of pawns of vis necessary to open an item. Does this increase the 'size' of an item possible to enchant?
That is, since a magus with a Magic Theory of 7 can't spend more than 14 pawns per season, would a Verditius with MT 7 and Craft 5 be able to open a silver sword (capacity 18), spending 13 pawns? Assume no other Mystery initiations.

If there's a page somewhere with such clarifications, I'd be really interested in it. Thanks.

I believe so. I can't remember if I've seen any clarification, though. Certainly, the Veriditius is not working with more than 7x2=14 vis, and with the reduction that is enough to open the sword. (I haven't confirmed the sword calculation, so I'm just assuming 18 is right.)

ArM5 p.94 Vis Use limits the vis to be integrated into a single project.
ArM5 p.93 Verditius: Verditius Magic reduces the vis needed to open an enchantment. So his House Virtue allows a Verditius to prepare (ArM5 p.97 Preparation for Enchantment) items for enchantment, which without his Verditius Magic would be out of his reach.
This is just an issue of precise reading.

It is explicitly spelled out here:


Thank you everybody.

Also in mysteries revised in the part about Hermetic architecture it states that many effects of enchanting buildings are impossible without Verditius Magi since they can reduce vis cost with craft scores.