Verditius: Now NEW and IMPROVED!

Uhm... yes, please? But where else does it say this? Have I been incredibly slow-witted in tracking down this little rule? Or has it been edited out? (please, oh PLEASE let it be true!) :smiley:

ArM5 core rules, as I recall. Go read the bit about verditius, or the expanded version in HoH:MC.
(Serf's Parma defends me)

IIRC the second to last paragraph on page 93...

Well... That's embarrasing! :blush: Now to hope my SG will let me retroactively implement that rule then... weeps for his lost vis...

Then I learned something new today as well.

(is today my Stupid Day[size=75][tm][/size]?) :laughing:

Naaa, I got dibs already.... :unamused:

You can have tomorrow though...


Does that mean i have to be stupid all over again?! sigh Oh, well... No helping it I guess... :cry: