Vikings TV series - a worth source?

heya folks,

We don't have the show yet, but I've seen a fair amount of press about a new show called Vikings. I know the era is likely too early (I think), and the subject a tad divergent from strict Order Europe, but is it worthy a look, especially for a source for thematic feel for northerners?


History channel. No aliens so far, but one can only hope...

It received a fair amount of flak in some more history oriented forums I have read, specially about the acting and some licences it takes. I have not watched it, so all this is hearsay.


Sunstone was presented almost the same time as it was discovered IRL as a fact, which gave me a huge boost to appreciate Vikings - TV Series. Great introduction to some of the customs ~500 years before ARM5 regular setting.
Although, way of thinking is a bit modern, while I cannot compare to anything else but our own time so I'm ready to accept Vikings, as what it is... entertainment. It is a good introduction to middle ages for any group, if my group would be able to follow at least these kind of roles I would be the happiest Storyteller.

So take it for what it is: a good show. S01E03 I would highly recommend for group combat story.

There are historically accurate parts, (like the Althing, face washing ritual) if you include such elements in your game I would even call your ARM5 story more historically accurate.

It has been great fun watching it but I am easily amused I suppose. Of course my expectations are often only held high for non-fiction books, then fiction, then documentaries, and then my expectations descend finally reaching TV programs.

Vikings has been great. The acting is good enough.

The characters are good representations of persons you would find within a Ars game, if the setting is mundane. They have not gotten to any magic yet, though you can see some sort of Verditius/Rustic Magic maybe even Rune magic in the ship building part. The Divine did seem to fail miserably in protecting the Church though :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: ....and I do like a good church sacking.

Oddly on my cable network I get it on video demand a week before the episode is actually aired... so I am on episode 4 and everyone else I talk to is just seeing episode 3. :mrgreen:

It is a fictional dramatization, but it is relativly historically accurate. Innovations regarding natigation techniques and shipbuilding are true, many cultural aspects ring quite true, and there really was a historic "first" Viking attack. As for the characters themselves, I do not know if any of them existed in real life.
And there is no magic in the show. There is a depiction of their pagan beliefs, such as fortunetelling by casting runes. But no magic.
And no aliens.