Viktir and Natt-thel

Hi all,
So I've been reading and re-reading HMRE, and I noticed something strange. The Viktir are the only tradition who have no upside to their Warping. To explain what I mean, Magi have positive or negative Twilights, diabolists (can) gain Confidence from Vituperation, mundanes (eventually) gain a Virtue, Elementalists gain a bonus to certain rolls, Muspelli get benefits from slaying the Valkyries, Folk Witches can have positive Witch's Moons and so on. The Viktir seem to be the only tradition whose Warping is a straight downside; they lose the Gift (but not the penalties it applies) and all their effects fizzle, unless they take more Warping and sustain some. Is this correct, or am I missing some errata (I've looked around and I can't find any)?
If it is correct, is there any reason why this is so? (balance?)
Otherwise, can someone help me think of some slight upside I could give Viktir, as it seems a bit unfair for them to be the only ones with no upside to their Warping.

Well, vitki do seem like they'd tend to suffer less Warping than members of other magical traditions (they have little use for Vis, and their scripts can potentially last decades with a single casting) which may help to mitigate the adverse effects of Warping to some extent, but you are correct in that the 'positive' reaction to natt-thel consists of avoiding it in its entirety...

Okay, so I wasn't missing anything; that's good.
My personal thought was that Viktir would suffer stupid amounts of Warping if they ever used a script above Level 30 (5 a year, right?), because they have no way of designing effects for specific people (so far as I'm aware), or is that a given?

Vitkir don't suffer warping on themselves beyond the usual 1-a-year, because they're the spellcaster.

Oh right. Huh. How could I forget?
Thanks for that.