Vim based Criamon path

I've been thinking of trying my hand at creating a vim focused Criamon Mystery path which seems a void in the canon paths but the best I've come up with is path of Twilight (insert better term than "Twilight" though that would be the focus of the path) or one focused on exploration of the magic realm (though I don't even have a bad idea for a name).

I'm thinking the twilight one would be similar to the Cult of Twilight from the 4th Ed. Mysteries, a bit darker than the Criamon have become in 5th. Ed. Perhaps taking some Sufi-like ideas particularly willful transgressions of strictures to bring about increased closeness to "god" in this case twilight.

The Twilight idea is more fleshed out with some ideas for possible mystery initiations:
Clear thinker
a power that induces twilight (twilight prone as ordeal flaw)
Twilight Mastery

I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts others have regarding non-canon Criamon Paths and would be happy to try and flesh one out with folks.

My first magi was a criamon , its basis where a phisicist (medic/pharmachologis) formed in creo corpus but in saga turned into vim. Endeed its enigma (less 5th than should) focused in vim comprehension. One of the steps is a major breakthroug that anyday i will post to moderate, "rise the magic seed" that was essentially to recover/heal a lost gift or to "open" the gift to someones that have it hide or crippled ( eg: someone in mercere bloodline) another step in its path was to understand and adapt the wild vis of hedge magic so he can use it (i dont remember the edition, Noble's parma). His path is driving him to develop the power of becoming a magic being and retire in a regio or somewhat. But in its path you can include twiligth prone, great intelligence, scars and not discarting blatant gift.

Hope it help you

The thing ot focus on isn't the powers: its the sacrifices and ordeals, and how they shape the people on the path. What are you giving up, and why?

At least for me the beatifull thing is to see how evolve the char (criamon through it's path) his personallity and behave.

IMO the path should be follow mainly alone , using seasons other magi study or investigate. Sure, you can receve help if necesary but is like a -Do.

What you learn trough the research is; how works your new powers ;but more important is how not to use them.

So the more power you have, the least you should use.

So in my char's case he domitated the wild vis but become vis waster. He needs to work more than before to do the same. But if he needs and lose the season searching wild vis he can sum a lot.. but he dont want to.