Vincente (Grog, Pirate with a conscience)

Born in Treviso, Vincente quickly became a captain in the Venetian navy due to his ability to command men and safely guide ships at sea, due in part to his ability to sense the coming weather. He took part in the sack of Constantinople in 1204, but disgusted the Doge and the merchants of Venice who used the crusade to further their interests, and horrified by the savagery of the crusader, he deserted. He was caugth two months later back in Treviso, and was made an example of in front of sailors in the Arsenal, receiving multiple lashes and being marked with a hot iron on his check. Few years after, he joined the caravan in the Aegan Islands.

The recent years have apparently been clement to Vincente, as his health did not decline as fast as it should for a man of his age. It is due to the fact that once, while he and David the redcap were lost in a travelling magical regio, unbeknownst to them they drank from the fountain of youth, which is really looking like an spring water source.


Characteristics:Int +1, Per +1, Pre 0 , Com +1, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik +1

Age:47 (40)
Decrepitude: 1 12
Warping Score:0 (0)
Virtues: Unaging, Puissant Leadership, Wilderness Sense
Flaws: Flashback, Branded criminal (deserter), Missing Eye

Personality Traits: Loyal +2, Pessimistic +2,

Early Childhood (0-5) 45 xp

Athlethic 1 Running 5
Awareness 1 Alertness 5
Brawl 1 Fist 5
Charm 1 Maids 5
Folk ken 2 Sailors 15
Guile 1 Maids 5
Living Language: Italian 5 Naval terminology 75
Swimming 1 Long Distances 5

Later Life (5-45)

Area Lore: Veneto 2 Venice 15
Area Lore: Mediterranean Sea 3 Ports 30
Area Lore: Black Sea 1 Ports 5
Area Lore: Constantinople 2 Golden Horn 15
Area Lore: Genoa 1 Taverns 5
Area Lore: Syracuse 1 Taverns 5

						Total:	45

Single Weapon 7 Longsword 140
Profession: Sailor 5 Reading maps 75
Leadership 6+2 Sailors 105
Wilderness sense 7 Weather 135+5

						Total:	455

Athletic 2 Running 10
Carouse 2 Staying Sober 15
Swimming 2 Long Distance 10
Brawl 2 Fist 10
Guile 2 Maids 10
Awareness 2 Alertness 10
Order of Hermes Lore 2 Grogs 15
Music 1 Singing 5
Arabic 2 Swearing 15
Romany 3 swearing 30
Total: 100

looks great