Virtue/Flaw Combinations Which Give a Short Life-Expectancy

Whilst considering combining Life-linked Spontaneous Magic with a Boar form for extra fatigue levels, it occurred to me that Boar are typically Reckless, which is not a good addition to a virtue which can kill you if you overdo it or make a mistake (and it gets worse if you add something like Careless Sorceror). This is taking a virtue which typically has a risk, but a managable one, and making it a lot more dangerous.

I then started wondering what other virtue/flaw combinations have this effect. The immediate one that occurred to me is Diedne Magic and Indiscreet, but I'm sure there are others.

So, suggestions? For clarity, I'm mainly wondering about virtues which lead to things suddenly getting very dangerous when paired with the wrong flaw(s) (actual death isn't necessary, if the character gets rapidly removed from the saga some other way), but examples of relatively minor flaws which get a lot more dangerous when paired together are of interest to me as well.

How about Faerie Sympathy (or a Faerie Blood that gives it) and Twilight Prone?

Bee King (Faerie Blood, might be slightly off on that name) along with Ages Quickly?

I am surprised you didn't match Life Linked Spontaneous Magic with Magic Addiction.

No Sense of Direction


Twillight Prone
Careless magic
Rigid magic