Virtues/Flaws of multiple types

A few virtues/flaws have multiple listed "types": e.g. Visions is both a Story and a Supernatural Flaw.

Does this mean one can choose what type that virtue or flaw is for the character? E.g. can one assume that Visions counts as either a Story or a Supernatural flaw, at the player's choice?

Or are they considered to be "simultaneously" of both types? E.g. if you take the Visions flaw, you may not take another Story flaw, but it also counts as a Supernatural flaw (for whatever purpose)?

Usually such Virtues and Flaws should be of all the indicated types at once.

Visons - for example - is a Story flaw as it tends to get your character into stories, so you shouldn't take yet another and hug too much attention.
It is also Supernatural, so you need to determine with which Realm it - and hence also your character - is associated.

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