Vis extracted from aura arcane connection to it? And related

Greetings all!

Is the vis extracted from an aura an arcane connection to the aura itself? I would say "yes it is!", but would like to hear opinions on the matter, as well what level arcane connection you'd consider it.

Could you use such a connection to cast Leap of Homecoming to appear anywhere you choose within that aura?

What shape does a pawn distilled from an aura take? (maybe it doesn't matter much, as you can move it, either by vis transfer or spell)

Can you extract vis in a non-Magic aura? I would guess yes if you have an appropriate alignment to it (Faerie Magic for Faerie, etc).

Can Vim magic detect the exact strength and duration of arcane connections, and what they are a connection to?

Thanks in advance!

I would say no - because an aura is a diffuse thing over an area, rather than a single feature. Likewise, someone going "I took a jarful of air - can I leap of homecoming back to the same patch of air?" or "I took a bottle out water from the sea - can I teleport to anywhere within that sea?" would get me going "Hmmmm.......I'll only let you go back to the exact spot you sampled from" even though people can argue different ways on this.

What shape does a pawn distilled from an aura take? Depends on what lab equipment you're using, your magus is the one distilling it - you could put it in a flask, have it coalesce as crystals or as droplets of liquid, up to you depending on style really.

Can you extract vis in a non-Magic aura? Of course you can, but it automatically comes out tainted by the Realm of the aura, so using vis collected in a non-magic aura is not recommended unless you have appropriate virtues.

Can Vim magic detect arcane connections? The spell The whole from the part from HoH:TL p72 allows you to detect who an arcane connection to a human is linked to, so it must be possible if you have an arcane connection to detect what it is connected to. Determining strength and duration? I don't think there's a guideline for it, but it probably counts as weak traces of magic. There was a massive debate over using Vim magic to try and replicate the effects of Faerie Sight (which does let you know what things are connected to by sight), but I can't remember which thread it was.

EDIT: Ah, this thread will help.