Vis Salary frequency of service

Hello everyone,

For anyone who has a covenant with the Vis Salary hook, how often have you required service from the player magi? How much vis would your covenant keep in reserve vs. paying out in salary? Any other circumstances relevant to your use of this hook?

Cheers everyone and thanks very much.

Ave Sodale,

I don't have picked that hook yet, but I would say the exact amount may be linked to the actual proficience of vis in your saga.

If the total amoutn of vis pawns generated by the covenant's vis sources is about 10-20 per year, I would say any reasonable Maga's service (like a two-week adventure) would be paid with 1 or 2 pawns.
10% of the year's production, per Maga, per adventure, seems a good ratio, as many Magi don't go in adventure each season (and the average party of adventurers is not filled with more than 5 Magi).

Does companions earn vis pawns too ?

All those questions should be adressed with the covenant's chart, which have to be written as a troupe consensus.

In my saga the whole covenant got a similar hook as "Tribunal's Watchtower". The covenant's Magi are sued to clarify disappearances, murders and losses in the Tribunal. Each solved case bring 4-5 pawns back (paid by the Tribunal's first covenant or the complainant one), plus a personal gift. That amount seemed considerable, as it represents a full year benefit for my troupe (they are few and they don't possess that many vis sources). There were only two cases in 4 years, the first one was granted with a collection of Arts books to help rebuilding a library. The second granted a portal of Mercere, that's the kind of stuff you earn when you recover the Ibyn's bell.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

I was trying to get a sense of the proportion of how much of its stocks a covenant would want to pay out vs. how much to keep in reserve, and I think you helped show that.

Most appreciated.

Another possible source of data, take a look at the Personal Vis Source virtue, and I'd probably make it comprable to that. Conveniently, looking it up as I type this, it's about 1/10th of the annual yield of the covenant.