Vis source a day

  1. The burning stream – in a cave deep underground, there is a small stream of liquid fire. This is a tiny branch of the underworld river Phlegethon. A metal object which is held and placed in the stream will glow red-hot and automatically be annealed – the metal is now workable. The metal now contains Ignem vis which can be harvested, or worked by those with Craft Magic.
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  1. The tollbooth – this ramshackle bridge was dedicated centuries ago and has been repaired with stones from Roman ruins which slowly accumulate vis. On May 15 (mercuralia) the first coins deposited pick up the vis that has built up over the year. This vis is Mentem (associated with the greed for money) or Rego (associated with the control of the road)
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  1. Fire stones - as described in the bestiary are stones that are male and female. If they are brought together, they spontaneously burst into flame. The flame can be harvested for Ignem vis.
  1. The pool of narcissus – this pool is surrounded by bright daffodils in springtime. Gazing into the pool reveals a distorted reflection that portrays the inner flaws of the person staring. Someone with a major personality flaw doing this causes the magic of the pool to enter the biggest daffodil and cause its trumpet to spectacularly change colour. This daffodil now contains vis – Imaginem (for the reflections), Mentem (emotion of vanity) or Intellego (understanding of flaws)
  1. The executioner’s block – this stone has seen many a villain despatched. The first execution after the spring equinox generates vis in the detached head – either Rego (for justice), Perdo (for execution) or Corpus (from the corpse)
  1. The archmage’s arithmomachia set – the pieces of metal and rock that make up this set are carved with numerals to indicate their value, and placed upon a board made of dragon’s hide. When played at the midwinter solstice, vis appears depending on the type of victory won – Intellego for victories by arithmetic progression, Mentem for geometric progression, Vim for harmonic progression.
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  1. The familiar’s furballs – if exactly three magical cats are kept inside a covenant and not allowed to roam freely, and one is tabby, one is black and one tortoiseshell, then they shall start grooming and produce furballs and vomit in odd corners of the magi’s sancta – even those which seem to be warded against animals or intruders. Vim vis can be gathered from these.
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  1. The grindstone – this stone was taken from a temple sacred to Mars (if within the boundaries of the Roman empire), or Ares (Greek settlement), or a standing stone for a war deity (celtic and Slavic lands). If used to sharpen weapons regularly, Perdo vis accumulates in the shavings.
  1. The damp cave – this cave is damp from the underground stream touching one edge of it. Despite this, hedge magi were rumoured to come and perform fire ceremonies there. If a fire is lit by the stream and the cave allowed to fill with smoke, then where air (smoke) and fire (the fire) and earth (the cave) and water (the stream) are closest, Vim vis will form.
  1. The special dye – this strangely coloured clay contains Perdo Imaginem (or just imaginem) vis. When used to dye material, it makes it permanently invisible (to ordinary people) but appear beautifully coloured to those with second sight. The valley it comes from is known as “the valley of nudists” because its inhabitants look naked all year round, and the occasional child born without the second sight flees the area. Someone may sell this to an Emperor for his new set of clothes.