Vis Source Density

In relation to the magic type, not the other three, anybody given any thought to how this could be quantified geographically? Happy to hear any ideas.

What is it you mean? How plentiful vis is in an area as compared to another? Thebes is rich, Normandy is poor, Provencal is dead center even.
Like that?

On another front, RoP:M strongly hints that Vis is more likely to be found in areas with greater supernatural auras.

What I am talking about is whether anyone has tried to calculate how many vis sources might occur per every 10 square miles or 20, 50, or 100? Not interested in particular tribunals at the moment just whether anyone has had a think about it.

I mean, this information is, from a purely mathematical standpoint, calculable, as you can use setting information about the propensity of magical vis sources combined with the number of canonical sources provided, then take the space covered by the Order's influence and divide, and you'll get a rough but altogether good mathematical "vis sources per 10 square miles" estimation. But the information would be pretty useless, all things considered, as using "average vis sources per 10 square miles" to guestimate the number of vis sources in your area will yield results similar in accuracy to trying to guess how many birds are nearby by taking the number of birds in the world and assuming they're evenly distributed across the surface of the entire planet. Vis sources are unpredictable. They tend to form more frequently in Magic auras and in the path of influence of Magic creatures, meaning vis sources will concentrate more strongly in places like those, but they also often appear where they seem to have little place being, like in the first autumn air of an aura-less canyon and in the ponytail of the hermit who reportedly only unbinds his hair once every five years. Vis is just weird about where it wants to come from at any given moment.

What problem is solved by knowing this info?

It's (tangentially ) related to the Vis per magus in a saga. I assume that if this is the underlying reason for the OP, then it's to try and get some second orderr verisimilitute.

I could be wrong


Looks like no one has thought about it that much! Thanks

The thing is that there is no solid answer because simply speaking it depends- vis sources don't tend to follow rules of mathematics and density- In Novgorod there will be a higher density of magical vis than in Rome, in part because civilization tends to destroy vis sources- generally. However in somewhere like Thebes it appears aspects of their ancient civilization may have increased the number of vis sources.

I'm quite aware that there are a number of different variables based on different types (harvest, aura, regio, dump, trace), events, mundane population, dominion, faerie, natural habitat and so on and so on. What I asked was had anyone thought about it. Did they have any ideas?

But why?

As a fun intellectual exercise?


[strike]Bit[/strike] Not sure that I think it is fun. I can't think of any real problems knowing this would help solve.

Not that I dot think there aren't problems that need to r solved, the sound tractates thread the delved into how many exist in the order solved a relatively important problem of how many books exist in the order but how much Vis existing the orde is kind of like fixing currency to precious metals. If the densit model suggests no raw cus sources then you are stuck with it, aren't you? And if you don't use a model that took so much effort to create you've wasted a lot if effort. The troupe and SG can usually come to an agreement as to how much Vis they have.

My opinion is that the Vis Source Density per unit area is meaningless.

There's probably a thousand opportunities to harvest Vis daily in any forest. But you'll never be able to find the vast majority of them. Sometimes that's because the Vis is there for only an instant, other times because the Vis only appears if you perform a certain activity (farming the ground, burning some fruits, feeding rats to a snake, whatever).

As such, the number of Vis sources is limited only by the knowledge and energy of the individuals seeking them.

Why not?

Due to your undoubted ability to read my mind, thanks for offering your opinion on what value the information might not have!

See my post above. Also kingreaper makes some good points.

Wow. Starting out a thread with a vague and ill-defined question and having people try and draw out what you are looking for to better answer your question and you respond like this? I'm an argumentative SOB, but I've never done anything quite like you've done here.
I still don't know what it is you are hoping to accomplish by building a model of Vis flow in the Order.

Clearly its a closed ended question, capable of a yes/no response. I did clarify it twice, to the extent that you were able ask "What problem is solved by knowing this info?" I'm not going to have an argument with someone over whether a closed ended question is vague and ill-defined.

What I was not asking for was whether the subject of the question had value, was it useful knowledge. That was put a couple of times before that kind of got tiresome. It became apparent that the subject of the original question had an objectionable quality to it to some. I can say no more other than a yes or no would have been fine...

Don't object to the question as I now think I understand it. I do t understand how an answer is useful.
My objection is you taking someone's statement who is clearly stating his opinion and crapping all over it. You did something similar in another thread, as I recall. In no way was there any intimation that your opinion was being impugned when their opinion was being stated. You did that all on your own, IMO.