Viscaria Verditii

A few random rolls that I haven't done yet:

1224.2 Theraphosa refines the lab and removes the flaw "Missing Equipment." She rolls Int + MT vs 12/15 for the chance to gain Highly Organized and Spotless (note that Gunthar's Broom does not provide Spotless+Warping, but gives a bonus to Health and Upkeep instead).

Int 1 + MT 5 + die 0,8. URGH. If there's more than 1 botch die, this may mean a possible botch, and therefore a Hidden Defect Flaw.

And thus, by strange mechanics, we discover that IF Theraphosa botched then Patience, the daughter of Viscaria's Forge Companion, who fetches and carries and generally Servant's for the enchantress, has a Int of +1 or greater, and is probably the only one who has noticed the Hidden Defect, and spends the next 3 years quietly keeping it from destroying the entire mountaintop.

(Hidden Defect is -3 Safety, which would bring the lab to -1, which would require all kinds of extra math. Patience, however, has been listed as a Servant +(Int/2, round up) to Safety this entire time, with her Int unknown -- it could have been -3 and the lab still would have been Safety 0+.)

Speaking of lab dangers, Viscaria's lab has Warping 1. I am presuming that I do not need to roll that Warping roll on seasons when she is not working in the lab except for Hermetic Alchemy -- side effect/modified effect on vis extraction makes little sense. If you want me to roll for those seasons too, let me know.

She has ten seasons of lab work:

1d10 → [4] = (4)
1d10 → [10] = (10)
1d10 → [6] = (6)
1d10 → [7] = (7)
1d10 → [9] = (9)
1d10 → [9] = (9)
1d10 → [1] = (1)
1d10 → [10] = (10)
1d10 → [2] = (2)
1d10 → [10] = (10)

That is the season that she is spending doing CrIg enchantments
Enchant Candle-wand(5/6). CrIg Enchant LT 69.

  • Lamp Lighters (base 3 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg20),
  • Hearth-Starters (base 4 +1 touch +2 ring +10 unlimited = CrIg25).

Add effect to Talisman (24 left over +5 Talisman) (affect things by touch + 4)
"Glimmer of the Magician's Strength" Base CrIg2 (candlelight) / InVi2 : Determine Power of a Mystic Aura Per :, +1 Conc, Ind, +1 CrIg(InVi) requisite +5lvl Item Concs, +3 environmental trigger, +10 unlimited = 22
(Causes one of the multi-facted gems in the Talisman to glimmer in a way that reveals the current Magic aura strength)

Three effects, three even/odd dice:
1d10 → [7] = (7) - Side Effect
1d10 → [8] = (8) - Modified Effect
1d10 → [9] = (9) - Side Effect

1d10 → [4] = (4) Minor side Effect on the Lamp Lighter enchantment
1d10 → [6] = (6) The range, duration, target or potency is increased on the Hearth Starter
1d10 → [2] = (2) Major Side benefit on the Talisman's CrIg(InVi)/Magic Aura enchantment

The warping comes from the Chaotic nature of the labs' constantly shifting stalactites.

For the Lamp Lighter enchantment, how about the light generated by these circles are unusually attractive to insects?

Increasing potency on the Hearth Starter from Base 4 to 5 gives the option of merely increased fire strength OR the same quality of fire, only in unnatural(non-cosmetic) shapes. That's interesting, but doesn't yield any obvious ideas to me that aren't purely cosmetic. What if my talisman enchantment's InVi gets mixed in there by accident? The fires created by the Hearth Starter grow stronger in the presence of vis -- a subtle warping which we probably might not even notice, until the Tribunal comes along.

I feel like it's out of place for me to suggest a major side benefit for a constantly-active effect on my talisman, but there are a few ideas that I'll throw out just to get the conversation started:

  • the most obvious one would be if the spell measured and detected more than one kind of aura type. That would be a much more valuable lab text if it wasn't for the fact that it was for my talisman -- I believe that even under the new house rules, no one else would be able to use it to reproduce the same side benefit.
  • perhaps it detects things besides aura strength
  • left field option, maybe it keeps her "warm to the touch" regardless of the weather or her clothing
  • completely left field, she accidentally rarefies a tame, insect-sized Fire Elemental (Might 1) who now lives in the gem, feeding off the magical fire and reacting to the aura.

Okay! That was one helluva tangent. The other roll I was going to make was the experimentation roll on the Villa De Luna spell. I was holding off on it as I debated between doing it as Original Research or simple experimentation. I've decided that I'm going to do it as simple experimentation.

Dice rolls: → [7] = (7) More than the 2 I needed to complete the spell. → [9] = (9) +2 = 12, Modified Effect

Twice more: → [3] = (3)+3 = 6 (Side Effect): minor flaw → [[10, 3]] = (13) Possible botch (Golden Cord -2 botch dice), No botch, otherwise 3 (no effect)

~sigh~ So there's some kind of minor flaw with the spell she plans on using to create all the housing that she wanted everyone to be so impressed with....

Too tired now to figure out what that might be. This was way more dice rolling that I expected to do.

You may want to consult JL on this, and ask him to read your thread.

I LOVE this.

And it solves the problem raised by Callen, in that, even if the base level is the same, the primary effect is InVi, so this should be In(Cr)Vi(Ig), not Cr(In)Ig(Vi)
I explain: Viscaria, either by error or because she proudly thinks she can do it nonetheless, wants to do an effect that can't work. This normally would have failed, but the strange magic in her sanctum reacts with her labwork, summoning the elemental that, in a way, allows her to do what she wanted, stumping all magic theorists with an enchantment that, ironically, wouldn't have been possible with a non-warped lab.

BUT, if you do this, I'll ask if I can design it :blush:

IIRC, you have a fixed design, with 1 added magnitude, to bypass the finesse roll. But the roll is not just to doing a functionnal item. It can allow you to do a great item. Like a craftsman can do a poor, average, or excellent sword.
So, despite (or because) the precautions she took to ensure the houses would be functional, the design is, a little shoddy, like a low finesse roll. So:

  • The houses could be functional, but not very good looking and well designed. Like, the windows could be not orthogonal, maybe even a little ~ when it should be -, the doors could be difficult to close...
  • Or they could be fine (standard quality, that is), but not very sturdy, beginning to degrade at about half their expected lifespan. So, instead of disapprearing at the end of the duration, there will be cracks in the walls well before that, which, despite changing little to the villa's ability to protect from the elements, reflects poorly on viscaria.

Why is Viscaria experimenting? Is her time so very constrained? Keep in mind some of these decisions might best be deferred until after events of Mother's Footsteps so you have a better idea of the full scope of time available to Viscaria.

It's a roleplaying choice. The spell is important to her plans, so she borrows both apprentices and gets really experimental (+3 risk) in an effort to make The Coolest Spell Evar to impress all her friends.

It's also sort of a setup for whenever she advances in Verditus mysteries next and takes the "refuses to experiment ever" flaw.

I agree that we'll need to re-visit this stuff later as time crunches happen.

No one in that thread has said you couldn't do it this way, just that it makes more sense to do it the other way. And since I need a lab text to make it work anyway, it's moot until we start reviewing the whether or not we get lab texts.

I like the idea that it begins to crumble and slowly fall apart over the last half of the Moon duration. It's the sort of subtle failure that Viscaria wouldn't notice. I'll have to look up exact moon phases for the Tribunal to get an idea of whether or not any magi at Tribunal will notice.

I'm thinking that, if the cracks don't start to show up until as the magi arrive, that could start a nasty little whispering campaign about Viscaria. "Oh, my stars and garters, did you see the villas that Verditius created? I don't know who her pater was, but I don't see how she could have passed her gauntlet with shoddy work like that." Much clucking of tongues.

Exactly! Or maybe only half of them have the cracks. Or maybe the lunar cycle will be a blessing upon her and it'll turn out that the buildings stay perfectly intact until after the Tribunal closes.
The spell lasts until the new and full moon have set, so careful timing could make it nearly 2 months. According to that page, June 21, 1227 is at 43% of the waxing full moon, so it's looking like Viscaria is going to get away with it being OK. And I'm fine with this being the minor flaw...

If the Warping from Viscaria's lab is due to the constantly shifting stalactites/stalagmites, what kind of Personality does the Lab have due to the Warping?
And what was Viscaria working on when she hit the Warping?

I think the longest a Moon duration spell can last is one month, if it is cast right after a new moon or right after a full moon. If it's cast right before a new moon, for example, then it only lasts the two weeks or so until the next full moon.
In the case of a casting on June 21, 1227, the next full moon is about June 29 and the next new moon about July 14, so it would last a bit over three weeks.

Indeed, and with about 2 weeks between a new moon and a full moon, and 2 weeks between a full moon and a new moon, there isn't any way to add up to 2 months.

Brain fart, never mind, carry on. I'm not even tipsy tonight.

Personality : Chaotic, same as the flaw. Not suite what the other question is asking. Lab came this way.

First go at trying to create Theraphosa's baby spider chilluns. Complicated by the fact that between designing Theraphosa and now, I picked up Hermetic Projects, which includes rules for insects. (Which, tangentially, is weird, because spiders show up in a lot of other places -- Lion and Lily, Magi of Hermes...)

Further complicated by the fact that I see no way to increase an animal's size except through Magical Qualities. As Theraphosa is Might 15, Size -2, with three (3x) Major Magical Quality:Gigantic, I needed the kids to be at least Might 5. I take small solace in the fact that they live in a magic regio and don't have any actual powers (beyond Enchanting Music), so they're not that much harder to kill.

I'm of two minds about them as Might critters. I don't like the idea that they'd contain vis, have magic resistance etc. On the other hand, they're a horde of giant gorram spider/sirens. So maybe they need to be at least a little magical.

Spider Sirens (Aggressive Crawler) Might: 5

Magic Animal
Essential: Perfect Balance
1 Enchanting Music
1 Free Expression
1 Supernatural Lore (as Arcane Lore)

Essential: Compulsion: Cannibalize Our Wounded
Inherited: Anchored to the Mountains
-3 Bound to Magic

Magical Qualities/Inferiorities 5
3x2=6 Gigantic x 2
1 Virtue: Unaffected by the Gift
-1 Limited Gestures
-1 Susceptible to Deprivation

Characteristics: Spider +3, Brave +1
Cun 0
Per -1 Age: ??
Pre -6 (+3)
Com -4 Size: -6 (base -15)
Str -12
Sta +1 Confidence:
Dex +3
Qik +12 Afflictions:

Combat Init Qik 12, (Damage: 1,2,3,4,Dead 5+)
Attk: Dex 3 + Brawl 3 = 6(grapple),
Def: Qik 12 + Brawl 3 = 15(grapple)
Soak: Sta 1 + Exoskeleton 3 = 4

3 Athletics (climbing) (+3 climb) (+6 to avoid falling or tripping)
3 Awareness (food),
3 Brawl (grapple),
4 Craft: Spidersilk (webs) +3art
4 Enchanting Music (curiosity)
4 Hunt (ambush)
3 Music (singing) +3art
4 Stealth (hide) +3 to hide
3 Survival (home terrain),


Ambush Predator: If it has successfully crept up on its prey, it automatically wins Initiative in the first round of combat and gains a +3 to its Attack Total for the first round only.
Camouflage: Add +3 to all rolls to hide, whenever the creature is not moving.
Crafty: Increase Cun to +0
Grapple: The creature may make a grapple attack instead of a normal attack. This attack may only be employed against an opponent that is less than or equal to the creature’s (Size + 1). See Non-Lethal Combat (ArM5, page 174) for rules ongrappling. If the creature has another natural weapon (such as a bite), it may add its current Grapple Strength to its Attack Total in subsequent rounds, until the opponent breaks free. The creature must defend against any opponent outside the grapple with its Grapple Defense (see Natural Weapons Table, below).
Loathsome Appearance: Presence drops to –6 or +3 when attempting to scare or intimidate an opponent.
Skilled Climber: Add +3 to all rolls involving climbing.
Thick Fur/Thick Scales: Add 1 to Protection; this Quality stacks with the Tough Virtue and the Tough Hide Quality.
Tough Hide: Add 2 to Protection; this Quality stacks with the Tough Virtue and the Thick Fur Quality.
Venomous: Compare the creature bite’s Attack Advantage to the victim’s Protection (not Soak). If the creature’s Advantage is higher, then the victim suffers the effect of the venom, regardless of whether the bite inflicts an actual wound. The Ease Factor is 9, Incap (see ArM5, page 180) (compared to Theraphosa's 15, Incap)
Web-Weaver: Not listed in book.

While I was rambling about various future plans for deviousness with my mirror, Kid Gloves came up with a brilliant solution to the Eternal Repetition Warping problem.

This is especially appealing to me as I plan to spend a lot of time exploring Intangible Tunnel's value in the Canaries game.

That is an absolutely wicked idea! Genius in its simplicity (after a fashion).

Tweaked the Spider Siren brood some more.

I decided to give them the classic "Eat our Wounded" flaw, in case some desperate Odysseus needs to get away from them. I also weeded out their skill section and filled out their combat stats.

Just in case, you know, anyone wanted to tame piles of them at a time and give them to our grogs as WatchSpiders.

They may be a little too big and strong. I'd give them Might 3, a grog-level character.

But I think the best way to handle them might be as a swarm :smiley: :smiling_imp:

You think we're in a Medium Powered campaign? Grogs for High Power are suggested Might 5, which is why I figured it would be okay.

Technically, Grogs can't take major Qualities like Gigantic.

Where are the swarm rules?

Legends of Hermes, IIRC. You'll love them. The chapter about the maga who researched the 4 realms.

And yes, IMO, given both their description and their abondance, they should be low in power (especially as we based our familiar's might on a medium powered campain). Might 5 would be fine for a few children, but is, IMO, too high for a such a horde.