Visions supernatural flaw

Has anyone seem anything similar?

I thought we had in our Saga a lot of NPCs with some sort of predictive/clairvoyant ability, because our party was often told being told plot points, often in cryptic form, by random NPCs, once even in the middle of a crowded Fair.

It turns out that that the player character of our new member has the Visions supernatural flaw, and the SG is playing it so that the character doesn't have the Visions appear directly to them, other characters suddenly have some (spontaneous) knowledge and inadvertantly speak it in the presence of the player character.

While the SG says the characters that speak the Vision must have supernatural virtues (hence why my Failed Apprentice companion uttered the nost recent cryptic comment, without realising it), I just realised he didn't specify if there was a Realm alignement.

That's an interesting way to do it.

Does everyone else experience these, or are the GM instructions to disregard them?

In some groups, if everyone else wants to play along, it might be fun for the characters to say the things, but then act as if only the player with the flaw experienced them.

That's very cool, (and, given an opportunity, I will steal it).

Since the revelation of that character's Visions, us players have been reviewing all the times we have received information.

This is kind of difficult, because the SG is also running a grog at the covenant - Mad Mary the grandmotherly seamstress, who has suffered Premonitions ever since her backstory says she surviving being struck by lightning. She is actually Infamous for being struck by lightning - receiving God's displeasure.
This was the first time Mad Mary, or any other NPC was not available, that the SG ordered my Companion to speak. She was left puzzled as to why she said that.

But we are reasonably sure, whenever it is someone other than Mad Mary that spoke stuff they shouldn't know about, that Argus of Criamon was present, and never failed his listening check to hear the remark. Everyone else present needed to roll to catch all the details. Including at least one case the utterer of the comment - at a Fair, a passerby happily humming tried adding the words, IIRC, "and thanks to the blessings of orphan dills wife grow(sp?) I get the best apples". A few game sessions later we find she is a Hedge witch tending a Vis site we want.

My Tremere character may have to review the conclusion that the merchant's son was trying to blackmail us. Assuming he wasn't spying on us, and was instead uttering a Vision. Though, how can I tell the difference?

PS I made a note of the phrase "orphan dills wife grow", though the SG says I didn't spell it correctly, and that none of the character's that heard it know enough to be able to identify it (we made dice rolls, but we don't know against what). Does anybody recognise what this phrase sounds like?

Maybe it's not "Orphan dills" but "orphaned ills" and something orphaned will trouble you? Then again, if it's badly mis-spelled, who knows?

One of the other players claims that the knowledge roll was against Norse mythology, and thinks that the final syllable was "grower", not "grow".

Is the other player thinking of Iðunn? Then "orphan dill" might be a misheard kenning of Bragi, but I won't figure out which.

I don't even know where your saga is located, and whether Norse mythology plays any role in it.


Our Saga is set near London, England. And the Hedge witch was a non-Norman who put runic like marks on her spelled objects.

Argus of Criamon's player just found this on Wikipedia

I now strongly suspect we were supposed to hear "Aurvandil's wife Groa" instead of "orphan dills wife grow"