Vitkir: Similar Runic Scripts?

When Vitkir invent new runic scripts, do they get a bonus for knowing a similar runic script?

Similar in this context usually means "The same, identical runic script, but at a lower level.

Torstein know the Othila script I, [the runemaster], Sharpen my Axe (HMRE, p. 135) at level 15.
However, since he learned that script, he has become more skilled with the Othila rune.
He would now like to craft/learn/invent a new version of the same script. Does he get a +3 bonus for "similar runic script"?

I would say no. The vitkir doesn't need a laboratory, and the vitkir gets their full lab total in spell levels in one season, so the two processes (Hermetic spell creation and Vitkir rune spell creation) aren't very comparable. Also, if similar spell bonuses applied then surely the list of Vitkir Virtues and Flaws would include some that affected similar spell bonuses or lab texts.

Hi there! When I wrote it, I wanted vitkar rune magic to feel like formulaic Hermetic magic, and I imagined that inventing new rune scripts would closely resemble inventing Hermetic spells. So, even though there is no established bonus in the book for inventing a spell that is similar to a spell the vitki already knows, that seems perfectly reasonable to me. If I were your storyguide, I would allow you the bonus. :slight_smile:

Rules As Intended.
Thank you for the clarification.

Hi Erik, quick question.. on this notation in the book ...

I, Eirik Svennson, will work well this day. (D
15/+6) Dagaz 15, Method I The target
receives a +3 bonus to any activity performed all day

What does the D15/+6 mean? how is it derived?

The first number is because the effect is a level 15 Dagaz script (using the first 'General' guideline). The second number should be his Casting Total minus the die and Aura), but is incorrect (should be +7)

I’d hazard D is the Rune Dagaz,15 is the Rune script level and +6 is Eirik’s casting total without outside elements . Casting is Rune + Sta, in this case should be +7, must be a typo. (Sta 2 + Dagaz 5)
This follows the Dagaz guidelines: “ The target receives a bonus or penalty equal to the magnitude of this effect to Ability rolls that involve a regular, day-long activity”

D’oh, always ninja’ed!

thanks sooo much.. I couldn't work until I found this out!

ok, here's another baffling one...

Eirik Svennson leads men to greatness. (M20/+18)

So I see that this rune is listed in the book and is M20, but the +18 confuses me. I would think like my post above it would be +7

Eirik has an applicable Major Rune Focus (Sigrunar) - This lets him double his (Rune) score for applicable effects - in this case those relating to success in battle. Sta 2 + Mannaz 8 + Focus 8 = 18.

ahh, ok thanks!! didn't see that