Vonette de Lorraine ex Flambeau

Character Name: Vonette de Lorraine
House: Flambeau
Parens: Thormod

Date of Birth:
Current Age:
Apparent Age:
Height: 3' 0"
Weight: 75 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Personality Traits

  • Careless: +3
  • Determined: +2
  • Overconfident: +1


  • Intelligence: +2
  • Perception: 0
  • Strength: -1
  • Stamina: +1
  • Presence: 0
  • Communication: +2
  • Dexterity: -1
  • Quickness: -1


  • Decrepitude: 0
  • Warping: 0
  • Confidence: 1 (3 points)
  • Size: -2
  • Soak: +1
  • Encumbrance: 0
  • LT Fatigue: 0


  • Careless Sorcerer (Minor; Roll 2 extra botch dice when spellcasting)
  • Chaotic Magic (Major)
  • Dwarf (Major)
  • Indiscreet (Major)


  • Affinity with Aquam
  • Affinity with Ignem
  • Educated (Minor)
  • The Gift (Free)
  • Greater Immunity (Major; Cold)
  • Hermetic Magus (Free)
  • Minor Magical Focus (Ice and Snow; Major)
  • Puissant Aquam (Minor)
  • Puissant Ignem (Free House Virtue)
  • Puissant Magic Theory (Minor)
  • Skilled Parens (Minor)


  • Area Lore 2 (Lassay) (15)
  • Artes Liberales 3 (Geometry) (30)
  • Brawling 2 (Knives) (15)
  • Calligraphy 2 (Fluid Artistry) (15)
  • Code of Hermes 2 (Mundane Relations) (15)
  • Concentration 2 (Spell Concentration) (15)
  • Copying 2 (Lab Texts) (15)
  • Covenant Lore 2 (Montverte) (15)
  • Etiquette 1 (Magi) (5)
  • French 5 (Norman) (0; Native)
  • German 2 (Slang) (15)
  • Guile 2 (Lying to Authorities) (15)
  • Latin 4 (Hermetic Usage) (50)
  • Magic Theory 4+2 (Ignem) (52)
  • Parma Magica 1 (Ignem) (9)
  • Penetration 2 (Ignem) (15)
  • Philosophiae 3 (Natural Philosophy) (30)
  • Stealth 2 (Hide) (15)
  • Survival 1 (Lassay) (5)


  • Creo 6 (21)
  • Intellego 1 (1)
  • Muto 2 (3)
  • Perdo 6 (21)
  • Rego 6 (21)


  • Aquam 11+3 (44)
  • Ignem 11+3 (44)

Spells Known
Animate the Icy Guardian (ReAq 30; +27)

  • Bridge of Frost (ReAq 30; +27)
  • Comfort of the Drenched Traveler (PeAq 5; +21)
  • Conjure the Blockade of Ice (CrAq 30; +27)
  • Conjuration of the Indubitable Cold (PeIg 25; +27)
  • Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20; +21)
  • Quench the Raging Conflagration (PeIg 20; +21)
  • Shackles of the Frozen Ice (ReAq 10; +27)
  • The Mystical Ice Carver (ReAq 25; +27)
  • Winter's Icy Touch (PeIg 10; +27)
  • Wizard's Icy Grip (PeIg 30; +27)


  • Brooch of Shielding from Fire and Heat (Ward Against Fire and Heat, +10 damage resistance)
  • Vis: 1 Pawn of Ignem (Ashes)

Under Construction

[center]YEAR 1[/center]
What's the first thing any maga worth her weight in vis should do? Refine her lab. As has been put forth in the OOC thread, we aren't going to worry about where the labs are during character creation, and just handwave that they are at the Covenant when the game starts. It's assumed that all work to move the lab is done and everything is kosher and what-not. Keeping it simple, right?

Anyhow, to Refine the lab, I have to have a Magic Theory of 4 (desired Refinement of 1 + 3), and then spend a season to do the refinement. This gives the chance to get a virtue (Highly Organized and Spotless), as well as the chance to gain a flaw (Hidden Defect). This requires a stress die + Int + Magic Theory. Ease Factor is 12 to pick up Highly Organized or Spotless, while a botch gives the Hidden Defect flaw. Int 2 + Magic Theory 5 + 4 = 11. The lab is refined, but I do not pick up the bonus Virtue or the Flaw. I do, however, pick up Exposure XP for doing this, which I am going to apply to Magic Theory.

So now that my lab has been refined, I have space for a singular Minor Virtue. Installing a Virtue takes 1 season, so that's what this season is for. After reviewing the stuff in the Covenants book, I'm going to instill the Excessive Heating Virtue, but I'm going to reskin it as Excessive Cooling. No changes to the mechanical benefits of this Virtue, but instead of the lab being kept far more warm as necessary, it's kept far more cool than necessary. Remember that Vonette is of the Boreas school and has Greater Immunity to Cold. With her specialization in Ignem, and all the frosty spells she has, this makes sense.

Although Vonette is immune to cold and cold-based effects, she has no way to protect herself from fire or heat. To that end, she needs to craft a device that will help her deal with possibly getting torched, either by someone else or by herself in the lab. To craft the particular device she needs, she'll have to gain access to some vis, specifically Ignem. 2 pawns, I believe. So she is going to spend this season earning Vis Wages, gaining 3 pawns of Ignem vis for the season. No exposure experience is earned during this season.

Now that I've got the vis and the Art scores, I can craft a lesser enchanted device. Thanks to help from Sir_Swindle in this post, I have the information needed to craft the device. The physical form is going to be a ruby set into brooch that can be used to either pin a cloak closed around the neck, or it can just be worn or carried upon your person. Going by the chart for CrIg damage, I can drop the resistance to +10 which will lower the effect level to 19:

Base 4 + Range Touch 1 + Duration Sun 2 + Target Ind 0 + Frequency 2/Day 1 + Trigger Dawn and Dusk 3

My lab total to create this device is 41:

Creo 6 + Ignem 14 + Int 2 + Magic Theory 6 + Aura 5 + Laboratory 3 + Bonuses 5

I'm not sure what the "Bonuses" are as Meta Creator doesn't spell them out. I believe it's for the Ruby, which gives a +6 for fire-related effects. I can confirm that this value changes when I change the Shape/Material Bonus drop down in Meta Creator, but shouldn't that then by +6 and not +5? Either way, I trust MC, and this states I can create this device in 1 season. I have to spend 2 pawns of Ignem vis, which I have thanks to earning Vis Wages in the Autumn season.

I earn Exposure Experience for this, which I will apply to Magic Theory.

[center]YEAR 2[/center]
Ah, the freshness of spring. Winter has come and gone, and we all prepare to greet the new year with a renewed sense of purpose and joy. Except for Vonette. No, she's a bit peeved at her lab right now, as it still isn't up to par with what she's wanting it to be. So she's going to go through and refine her lab a second time, to try and get things just right. Int 2 + Magic Theory 5 + Stress Die 4 = 11. The lab is refined, without picking up any bonus Virtues or Flaws. I do get Exposure XP here, which is getting applied to Magic Theory.

I've got the space to install a Minor Virtue in the lab thanks to Refinement, but that's not good enough. I can't Refine the lab any further until my Magic Theory score goes up, but I can add some Flaws to get the space to get a Major Virtue. I'm going to install, in this single season, the following:

  • Diminutive (Minor Structure Flaw). Due to Vonette being Size -2, this Flaw literally has no impact on her at this time. Anybody else who comes into the lab is hosed, though.
  • Defective Heating (Minor Outfittings Flaw). Again, this Flaw will have no real impact on Vonette due to her Greater Immunity. Anybody else, again, will be hosed.
  • Greater Feature (Major Structure Virtue). I'm going to take Cauldron here, as I can apply the 3 specialization points from the Virtue as Aq + 2 and Ig + 1. This will seriously help with lab totals while inventing spells.

I gain Exposure XP, which will be applied to Magic Theory.

Autumn, Winter
Vonette is going to invent a spell starting in Autumn of the second year. The specific spell is Obstructive Ice Block, located at ironboundtome.wordpress.com/201 ... -part-two/. I'm going to rename the spell to Conjure the Blockade of Ice. This will take 4 total seasons, and I'll assign the Exposure XP to Magic Theory.

[center]YEAR 3[/center]
Spring, Summer
Continuing to invent the spell Conjure the Blockade of Ice, which will finish in the Summer season. Exposure XP from these 2 seasons is applied to Magic Theory.

Autumn, Winter
Inventing another new spell, The Mystical Ice Carver. Exposure XP from these 2 seasons is applied to Magic Theory, which will actually increase MT from 3 to 4!

[center]YEAR 4[/center]
Spring, Summer
Magi spend a lot of time in their labs, as I'm finding out. Vonette needs to invent one last spell, Animate the Icy Guardian, which is going to take 2 seasons to complete. The details of this spell are buried in the OOC thread on like page 12 or 13. The exposure XP is going to be applied to Parma Magica; I'd like to get this up to 2 at some point.

You asked for comments. At a quick glance:

  • The language Ability would be French with a specialty of Norman going by The Lion and the Lily p.143.
  • You're missing an Auram score of 5.
  • I'm not adding up all the points, figuring you've done that properly already.

Interesting on the Norman French thing. MetaCreator has them as 2 separate languages, not one as a specialty of the other. I'll have to change that!

Hi Ghost,
I’m terrible at finding bugs in designs but would like to help. Thoughts:

  • What is the skill Copying? Is that scribe? Or a Copyist profession?
  • her personality traits are very polarising, which will make her interesting to suss her next actions. Almost chaotic. Interesting.
  • Loving the fact you chose Elementalist, will be great to see what that brings.
  • I think soak is equal to Stam - Size, so soak is -1 rather than +1?

I thought size affected wound ranges, not Soak, that would be a double whammy, and most Familiars would be a swat away from death! :cry: Not that they aren’t!

Ars Page 22 has a Female Scholar template who has negative soak and negative stamina, so I think that’s unfortunately how it works. Sorry!

Probably Profession: Scribe?

No, Soak is as Ignes Festivus said.

Sure, but that Soak is from negative Stamina, not from Size. Look, for example, at the Adder (mundane beasts). It has Stamina +2 and Size -4, resulting in Soak +2. The Size -4 results in each Wound Penalty category being reduced by four to a single point each: -1 (1), -3 (2), -5 (3), Incapacitated (4), Dead (5+).

I'll have to check MetaCreator on Copying and where it lies.

ArM page 171 shows Soak as Stamina + Armor. Size has no impact on Soak.

Ok, not sure why I was so sure.

Size changes your stamina generally.
It also changes your wound thresholds.

Probably where you got messed up.