WANT: Ars Magica ** HAVE: WoW, oWoD, L5R CCG, SWCCG, $$$ ++


I am VERY interested in getting into the Ars Magica RPG, as well possibly picking up some Magic: The Gathering Online CCG cards. Listed below is the specifics of what I want and what I have. If you are willing to do the same, I am happy to scramble to get your items out and shipped in time for Christmas. I prefer to trade, but not strongly. I would be willing to sell anything I have directly or buy what I need from you if we can't come up with a good trade. Anyways, on with the lists:


  • Ars Magica Collection - I am interested in getting as many Ars Magica books as I can get my hands on, from all versions of the game. I have played this game on and off from the beginning, and want the older books for nostalgia purposes. 1st to 5th edition - anything I can get! I also /may/ be interested in any books on the history / time period around the game. Only with a larger bundle of other Ars Books though - I currently have none. :frowning:
  • Magic: The Gathering Online Collection (Standard Cards only) - I am interested in getting into the Standard environment constructed gameplay. This currently consists of cards from the 9th Edition, Kamigawa, and Ravnica sets. Singles, small collections, and sealed items are all items I would be interested in.
  • Deadlands RPG (low low priority) - I MAY be interested in a Deadlands RPG collection. The setting seems /almost/ interesting to me. If it's something you have laying around that you just want to get rid of, great. Otherwise, I will pass.
  • Cash - As I said, if you want one of my Haves and we can't come to a trade, I am open to just selling.


  • World of Warcraft MMORPG Account / CDs - I have 7 characters, as high as level 47, with over 600 gold between the bunch! In addition, I have hunderds of gold of 'blue' (rare) equipment and gear. Finally I have an Armorsmith level Blacksmith, a Gnomish Enginerr, and an Enchanter with a 265 enchanting (among other high gathering skills). I would be happy to ship you the original CDs and game package to keep everything on the up and up.
  • ENORMOUS original World of Darkness Collection - I have over 80 sourcebooks from all of the original World of Darkness lines, like Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, and Wraith. Tons of sourcebooks, clanbooks, adventures, stories - just everything you would need to live in this perfect Gothic world. Contact me if you would like a detailed list.
  • L5R Dawn of the Empire sealed set - This is the limited edition sealed set of cards for another great paper CCG, Legend of the Five Rings. I also have a few decks of cards that I am happy to throw in. This is a great way to get started in the reset of a legendary CCG.
  • 7 Xbox Games - I bought an Xbox about a year back, but after I moved I have no place to set it up. Already sold the base unit but still have a bunch of GREAT games. Email me for a detailed list.
  • Gameboy Advanced SP (Black) - I have a gameboy advanced I got a few months back as a gift, that is basically unusued. It comes with two games - Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Sony Atrac CD MP3 Player - This is a CD MP3 player. It can play normal CDs, as well as MP3 CDs that hold hundreds of songs. It has skip ahead protection, and I can send you a few blank CDs to get started as well.
  • ENORMOUS Star Wars CCG (Decipher) Colleciton - This is my entire 20,000 card Star Wars CCG collection. Most (all?) of my rares are going, but I have complete sets of commons, uncommons, and fixed cards from Black Bordered Premiere to Coruscant. It's a great way to get into the game cheap and enough another of the classic CCGs.
  • Misc other items - I have a series of older computer games, like the entire Mechcommander/Mechwarrior series and Baldur's Gate I and II. I also have a Verizon LG phone, about 6 months old that I could part with cheap.
  • Cash - As I said earlier, if you have something I want and there is no item off of my trade list than I would consider just buying you stuff.

That's about it. As I said, I will try and move as quickly on these trades as possible. Most of the items I would like to trade as a batch but for some of the larger items, like the World of Darkness collection, I would consider breaking it up. Just let me know what you would like more details on or if you have an offer. Thanks again for your time and interest. I hope to hear from you soon...

Rob Harris