Wanted: 1 Magus, Every Other Saturday

I am recruiting for an ongoing Saga which I am not the GM for. I'm just a humble player.

The campaign is set on Malta. We are establishing a Spring covenant, and the game is very young. It is still 1220. We are outside of any established Tribunal, with ties to both Roman and Theban, and there are plans to explore North Africa and perhaps try to form a new Tribunal with magi in that region.

There are 4 players right now (Criamon, Jerbiton, Tytalus, Verditius) and there is a lot of room for you to do what you want, BUT! We could really use a martial magus (Flambeau or Tremere?), someone to see to the defense of the Covenant and hold the office of Marshall.

The game meets every other Saturday on Discord, through voice chat. 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

Reply here or PM me, and I'm happy to answer any questions. Thank you!

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This game is now full! Thank you, sodales!

Sounds fun, sorry I missed this.

If you wish I can add you as part of the peanut gallery.

I'm the Alpha SG BTW

That sounds fun. I will PM you my discord handle.