Ward vs The Intrusive Magi - Spell for moderation

ReVi 20 - Touch | Ring | Circle | - Ward vs The Intrusive Magi
If the effect penetrates, no magi that has a parma magica of level 20 (Rank 4) or less can cross the circle without lowering their parma magica. Form bonus do not count toward this limit but does count against resistance as usual.
(Touch +1 | Ring +2 | Circle +0 | Base 20 (wards - General +3)


That's ... actually quite clever.
Not sure if it shouldn't have been a rego efect though.

Does a Specialty of Vim for Parma make the limit 3 (15) or less?

I assume that Surpressing the Parma does not by pass this spell... likewise, a Surpressed Parma is still subject to dispelling via Winds of Mundane Silence.

I'm sorry, but I'm not following you...

Where does this guideline comes from?

I can't remember it in the core rules, or find it in the supplemental guidelines on Atlas site.

IIRC, ReVi it can't ward against spells or magical effects (that'd be a way to grand MR), only against Might creatures and MR ain't might - or is this what you're considering? That Parma Magica gives you might?

Rego can ward against pretty much anything you want. The parma just allows to ward against all that is supernatural at once which is great. ReIg can ward you vs CrIg, ReAq va CrAq, etc.

I must admit that I created a new guideline: "Ward Vs parma: General +3" in order to establish the grounds of the spell.

To answer the Khelek's question, Yes, I would consider the Vim specialty to count against this spell.

Should be noted that this spell is less efficient than a simple Ward vs Corpus as the core book suggests but it does allow interesting combos to protect ones sanctum and such.


Think of it as a proposed guideline, by someone not used to how we'd traditionally phrase it.
He's basically (As Far As I Can Tell, or AFAICT) making a wall of magic, similar to a magical wall of stone.

And you won't. Agreed.

The only spell to ward against spells (as of the second edition) is the Aegis of the Hearth, but he's not warding against magic, he's warding against wizards.
I'm not entirely sure it's cosher, but it show an interesting turn of thought, if I've read it correctly.

Hum... Thanks, everyone.

So, in essence, this is a Ward against those who have a specific type of supernatural effect on them... Not sure this'd work, too.
This would also mean you can have "Pink Dot Defenses" in order to create an easier Ward against the Curious Scullion: Have a first room that casts a minor effect on people (Say, give a +1 bonus to recovery rolls, +1 touch, +2 room, +1 diam), and then, at the exit, a Ward against those who have this specific effect cast on them.

Nonetheless, as the gift can be detected and is a part of one's essential nature, one can surely create a Ward against Wizards, that'd work against gifted people (not those ungifted hedge mages, mind you :smiling_imp: )

I don't think it's that easy...

First, the spell must penetrate.
Even if it does, it will keep the parma outside the ward, not the magus.
An nothing keeps him from pulling up his parma again --unless you cast a killing spell real quick.

Comparing "Wind of Mundane Silence" in order to blow away a parma magica, your spell is waaaaaaaaaay to easy as it does exactly the same thing with ring duration...