Warding, Binding, Sealing and so on with Hermetic Magic

Hi, with the heat with the new fresh Hermetic projects has begun one opinions about the Difficulty about trapping or bonding supernatural being with Hermetic Magic, specially if it si compared with Myths and Legends. The conclusion was that one Hermetic can easily kill or erase Might Scores easily, and then Kill them.
I was thinking and this is true but not all:
-Trully the typical Ward is true difficult to adapt to differents or just one being, but can be very usefull with others spells.
-To bind one spiritual being you can use the Rego Form level 5 Guideline to Control one disembodied spirit. With others Guidelines you can make the same to physical beings, greater levels.

Would work with others supernatural realms? the HP chapter about this linked more things with Rego, and that chapter had no fear to talk and to adapt RoPTI.
-I think that the enchanted items are the really good points, you can creat one specially bind or seal one being. Specially if we use the Intangible Tunnel variangs.
With a demon, you can summon (or use intangible tunnel) to hinder him, or search him to bind him on one item to seal him (rego or muto methods). Wit one magical animal you could use the Rego Mentem 20 or similar if he is not inellligent to take his mind off and seal it after (it'ld be one dissiembodied spirit after all).
I think that the Hunter philosofy of many hermetics is true, but the Mythical and legendary traps and bonds are results of Flaws and Taboos of the beings, and the willfull and premeditation of the heros and magicians of the legends. So the hermetics can emulate them, with theirs own powers.
And yes, i wrote this topic because i did'nt find the topic with this theme.