Wards against Fire

There seems to be an issue with Wards against Fire in canon spells.

While we have guidelines for warding against Fire (level 20 against +10, level 25 against +15, etc.), the two canon spells we have, Ward against Heat and Flame and Ward Against Immolation, instead use the base 4 guideline to prevent a fire from touching the person, with added magnitudes to deflect stronger flames. And they also give a bonus Soak against fires, so unlike the Ward guidelines, they are effective against fire even stronger than they can protect.

That seems to be at odds with the guidelines.

I understand the level 20 guideline, stripped of the Touch and Ring/Circle, would be level 5 against +10, but it's still not giving a bonus to Soak against stronger fires. Wards generally either work or they fail.

What you say is true.

Ignem wards are not entirely consistent with warding in general.

A more consistent answer would be to say that a Base 4 ReIg effect can ward against fire entirely.

This has the advantage that it is consistent with wards in general.

First paragraph of Rego Ignem box: "The intensity of a fire affects the difficulty of controlling it..." Followed by the formula, for each +5 damage add one magnitude.

Yes, it is inconsistent with the other forms, however, it is cannon.