Wards against Loneliness

before anyone post anything in here, we'll need one of the guys in blue or red to confirm that we can actually do what I'm suggesting, which is...

...a collection of spells and effects that mages invent (and rarely trade) to ward of the loneliness that often comes with being Gifted, things like animated bodies, sweet explosions of the mind, illusions with benefits, and that very personal link to your familiar... - all of which might have something of an infernal ring to them.

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Just sayin', you could find one in the current magnitude 1 thread here : https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/the-break-room/102/1 :slight_smile:

Ward vs specific Eidolons (spirits of emotions RoP:M pg 106) shouldn’t be too hard.

One could also alter their own wits to remove desire, or trick themselves... though I doubt that anyone sane would do that.

One could simply dominate others, though that would be egregious on many levels.

One could experience the momories or actions of others.

Most of this requires hi amounts of Mentem.

With Corpus one could create a corpse and animate it...
One could start a breeding program using Rego Corpus or a brothel.

The easiest and most ethical I think is just extending one’s Parma whenever around someone and try hitting it off naturally.

A lot of those are too low level.

What do you get when you cast a level 10 Mirror of Opposition (Vim) spell @ R: Touch D: Mom. T: Ind. (for 1/2(level of targeted spell)) on a level 5 version of the Phantom Gift @ R: Pers. D:Sun T:Ind?

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Personally I've long thought that, people being as they are, the order has lots of magic focused on having more and better sex, but games being as they are, it's just more socially comfortable to not have it brought to the table.

This thread is pretty much asking for trouble (people not getting the euphemism aside).

It is really easy for someone to go too far without thinking.

um, Aura of Rightful Authority? Disguise of the Transformed Image? Various emotion effecting mentum spells? If you can modify emotions, appearances, etc., then morality is the only thing holding you back. I can't imagine apprentices behaving, considering their options.

Some monks seem to have coped via smutty doodles, but...

There were genuine concerns about too much or too little 'expulsion' for both men and women and the disastrous effect it could have on the balance of humours, eg. Albigensian crusaders dying of abstinence.

Remedies included crying, sweating and blood-letting. Dietary help included avoiding wine and eggs.

Albertus Magnus writes about, ahem, manual solutions for both men and women.

For Hermetic magi there is also the subscription to the special editions of the (HoH:S p.54) Daughters of Echo.:heart_eyes: