Wards extravaganza


I would like to ask a question to my fellow Storytellers: do Wards take a great place in your campaign?

My troupe has develloped every wards existing in the book, and never quit the Alliance without being warded against every possible threat. The rules for warding alllow a magus to become near invincible, or at least SUPER annoying, too easily, following my opinion...

Wards need to penetrate. You are aware of that, are you?

Wards is a contentious theme in this forum (do a quick search ion the term to find quite a few lenghty quasi-flame wars on the subject) so there.

IMS we use a house rule: wards do not need to penetrate, but we tend to have 2 type of wards: circle and personal wards. Circle wards protect vs might. personal wards offer a bonus to soak of +3 per magnitude (or +1 to natural resistance rolls per magnitude). No total impregnancy vs swords walking in the middle of an army for us. If you want total impermeability, the ward must be a circle inscribed in the ground.



I like this a lot, although I'd probably go for +5 to soak.

In fact, I'll suggest this for Light of Andorra :wink: