Wards without Circle

I am confused how a Rego Ward effect without a target of Circle works.

Say I want to stop wood from entering a circle for two minutes, I cast a Touch/Diameter/Circle spell. Then wood can't enter.
Does this use the guideline "Control an amount of wood"?
How do I ward say, myself, from being touched by wood for two minutes?

Is it Touch/Diameter/Ind, with the same guideline?
or is it using say "Deflect a single attack by a wooden weapon" with an extra magnitude to increase the target to group?

What if I don't care about being specific on the plant matter that I deflect, say I am only wearing animal products and steel?

Broadly I'm trying to work out how to make magic armour to give to my companion, or at least a spell that does the job, but I'm uncertain how it is done.

Rego wards target the thing being protected; as such, you would protect yourself for 2 minutes with R:Personal, T:Individual, D:Diamater.

In this context, you use the 'default' versions of Target, as defined by their own forms. So if you wanted to cast a ReHe ward on a human, you'd use the Corpus definition of a Target (ie, a single human-shaped body.)

The guideline you would use for a ward is the base 15 version. See AM5th, pg. 139 - ReHe 25 - "Ward against Wood" (Base 15 effect, Duration:Sun +2 ). More generally, most forms have an explicit "ward vs. X" as one of their Rego guidelines.

For magic armor, you can do it one of 2 ways:

  1. have the enchantment at R:Touch, T: Individual - in which case the armor actually casts the effect on its wearer (or anyone who activates it, really).
  2. have the enchantment at R:Personal, T:Individual - in which case the armor itself is what is gaining the protection, and indirectly affects the wearer.

Thank you, that is very helpful.
And has answered my question.