Warehouse 23

This is probably the wrong place to post this...

I know they are Atlas preferred mail order supplier. Why are they so slow to put new Atlas products on their site? They don't even have Hermetic Projects , let alone Apprentices.

IIRC they are Atlas' favourite retailer because they give Atlas the largets margin, not because they are specially good or anything. I tend to buy from my LGS, so no idea about their speed.


I bought GotF & BCoC from them few years ago and was very pleased with the service.

Question: Are the books in question listed as "Out-of-Stock" or are they not listed at all? In the latter case, I'd advise sending an email to the site's Contact alerting them to what what I suspect to be an oversight on their part.

Hi - thanks for alerting me to this problem. I know that they do have both Apprentices and Hermetic Projects in stock, but I see that we have not yet put the buy-it-now links up for them.

Here's is the W23 links for Hermetic Projects: warehouse23.com/item.html?id=AG0299

And while I know from an inventory report that I just received today that they did receive Apprentices, I get an error when I go to the page where it should be (warehouse23.com/item.html?id=AG0300). So I'll drop a line to the powers that be down in Austin and see if they can fix that shortly.

This has not been the first time I have seen such delays. The previous two times I have raised the question on the Warehouse 23 board on the sjgames site, but since the problem keeps occurring, I thought I would ask here. Once the product was on the new product site, but didn't show up on the Ars Magica product page.

Warehouse 23 has always given me good service once I place an order. If there are any difficulties they always work hard with me to resolve things, and they have thrown in freebees, including a free copy of GURPS Gobilns and a free copy of GURPS Banestorm as well as numerous Munchkin bookmarks and bonus cards. However, I can't order what I can't find on the site.

I was debating either the print or pdf of Lords of Men, and emailed WH23 to ask if they actually had stock. Reply came the next day, all clear and helpful.
I chose the pdf version due to expense and how often I'd use it at the table, and delivery was automatic. Can't speak for delays in shipping, but they were helpful.

I sent a note to the W23 folks before I left the office yesterday, and by the time we'd picked up the twins from Montessori and gotten the whole family home I had gotten replies confirming from them that they fixed the issue; and on our end, Michelle added the "Buy it Now" links to the product pages before we left work.

Here are the pages on Warehouse 23:
Hermetic Projects: warehouse23.com/item.html?id=AG0299
Apprentices: warehouse23.com/item.html?id=AG0300

Aww, too bad, I could not find them as well, and have ordered from a different company in the meantime.

During my last foray to Warehouse 23 I happened to notice that there's no way to purchase "Realms of Power: The Divine - Revised".

There's a link to RoP: TD, but it's perpetually out-of-stock and, more damningly, is listed as Hard Cover...