WaRP Open Call for Adventures

Atlas Games today announced an Open Call for short adventures using the new WaRP System, to encourage 3rd-party development of OGL WaRP System content. The Open Call is posted at blog.atlas-games.com/2012/05/warp-open-call.html

Hi! I have a setting question for this WaRP adventure compendium. I'm a big fan of Nyambe, which was published by Atlas Games, but I'm not sure what the copyright status is for derived material. Would a Nyambe WaRP adventure be acceptable for this open call, or would Atlas Games not be able to publish it under current contracts?

We could publish it, but because we hold the copyright on the Nyambe setting, that means if we decided NOT to accept it for the collection then you wouldn't be able to publish it elsewhere unless you removed all the product identity.

I'm sorry, I realized I never said thank you for the prompt reply. My co-authors and I are going ahead with the writing -- it's such golden material. :smiley: