Hi all,

I am very new to the WaRP system after having stumbled across it very shortly after it went OGL. As a test I tried converting an old module to WaRP for my players...They stomped it flat so it looks like my balancing is kind of off so I am reaching out for some help from you guys.

I have a game planned for a local convention and I again decided to use the WaRP system. The idea is that the Players will need to make it from Point A to Point B while avoiding/removing the zombie threat in their way. They start unarmed and unaware of the situation, but will quickly realize that their only way to escape is via the Helicopter on the roof.

My question is this: How best to balance the PCs and the zombies so that the game is both challenging and fun?


W/out delving into rules, generally a cool zombie apocalypse game (modern), is that the odds are like 80% against the living at least, the zombies being endless & overwhelming (they could be slow & ponderous, but the living should soon realise that the dead keep on coming & will never be completely annihilated) - like a plague, & the living begin (at least) w/out much but the basic stuff. That's one starting point. If you watch any cool zombie flicks ideas will pop up. & often, the protagonists have hidden or overt agendas that clash. & usually their skill levels aren't that far-fetched - more realistic & gritty all around. & a hefty application of Murphy's Law is de rigeur.

Also, plenty of tough moral choices are to be found. & a few nasty plot twists (like "everyone's infected by the virus" or "it is the Apocalypse").

That's just the general ingredients of a cool zombie scenario. Once you've got all those in place, the rules fit well enough.


Are you asking about balancing the rules or your scenario's?