warped items

The RAW state that all items are subject to warping. Has anyone ever used this rule? Like a table that becomes so warped in an aura that it starts running around? Did any interesting stories come out of this?

Could someone please quote a page number, because I have never come across this rule.

I never used this rule but it could be very interesting. Objects in a fae aura could obtain quirks of personnality. Objects moving by themselves when nobody is looking, or that kind of things. At the limit this could create magical/faerical/demonic beings by themselves with a small might and funny (or not) little powers.

This rule is situated at Page 167, in the insert called : Warping and Non-Humans.

No book at hand, but it's pretty clear in the warping section.


oops :blush: Missed it.....

Just thought about something: It also means that everything in magical aura of 6+ is warped. Some covenants must be pretty strange indeed.

Unless they were grown/crafted/created in that aura, and are naturally part of it...


And then, there are chances they are still different from their mundane counterparts :smiley:
I like it.

How does this apply to magical items such as talismans? Should you consider them as magic or are they mundane items with magic cast upon it? That would be pretty scary with talismans. (and give good reasons to only use materials found in magic auras)

Enchanted items would be part of the Magic realm, I think, and not subject to warping (from magical sources, anyway) anymore.

Would a creature with Magic Might be subject to warping in a Faerie aura? According to the RAW, I think not, but then again...

Talismans are considered an extension of the magus who created them, so I would not consider them subject to warping in that sense-- sure, I guess they could have a warping score, but would it affect them? Not really. They're attuned to the magic realm.

Now if left in another sort of aura for an extended period, I can see warping from particularly a fae or infernal aura leaving some sort of quirk on a talisman. Perhaps "giving" the wielder the flaws of offensive to fae or tainted with evil, depending on the circumstances surrounding the talisman's stay in that aura.

just a thought.


Wasn't there something like this in RoP:tI? Like Infernal Auras corrupting faerie and magical creatures living in it?

That's different. They may get corrupted and become Infernal, but that's not Warping. Any creature with Might is part of a Realm and totally immune to Warping of any kind.

As for magic items... imagine them getting warped by the very magic they were invested with... that's positively scary.

I do not have RoP:I yet, but if they can become infernal, I can't see why a magical creature cannot be "corrupted" and become divine or fae, as well.


I don't think there is. It doesn't sound familiar, and I should know! In any case, creatures with a Might score are immune to warping (ArM5, page 168); although, as pointed out later in this thread, corruption is not necessarily warping.