Warped items

Many magi love to cast spells on their equipment - day after day - year after year. Any idea what warping could do to stuff?

(I once played a maga who used to levitate things around in her lab, until items developed a xenophobic personality and started attacking lab assistants...)

Depends on the magic and sigil used.

  • float off on its own
  • turn into stone
  • grow spikes and scariness

We do not play this aspect of the game much. But free moving chairs that try to make you sit on them (by raming you from behind whe you are standing, basically), basket fruits that tried to catch every round-ish stuff they found, and doublet of impenetrable silk garments that moved on their own volition to block (and counterattack) incoming stuff, including the hand of the merchant you were about to salute amicably. A drawer that wants to be kept closed at all costs and a sword that kept dropping on people's feet when they were in the armoury so that she could taste blood have been used as well.

In general, we tend to make item self aware and obsessed with their main activity or spells that affected them repeatedly.


IIRC, such an item can also become a magical creature with powers on its own, as per RoP: Magic. I believe there's such a cape there. And didn't the Tree talisman of one of Magi of Hermes became conscient through this? I'm not sure at all.