Warped Mundanes

So, thanks to a bit of extreme turbulence from one of my player's gifted children, the entire village (man and beast alike) has been slapped with a +13 Longevity Ritual. This is leading to quite the list of consequences. About 44% of the village consists of children of 14 or less, and because living conditions and longevity modifiers are directly correlated, infant mortality will take a steep dive and create eternal children. Half of the village's income was the herd of pigs, who are no longer producing replacements when they're killed for meat. All of the inhabitants except for the magi are going to be gaining Warp at a frankly startling rate.

I'm not quite certain when the villagers will notice that their children stopped aging, but they'll probably mob up pretty hard once the realization happens. The magi do have a solution of sorts, namely one of them is good enough to periodically cast a CrCo spell to age them appropriately.

The real debate as a storyguide is the decision of how the Warp is going to treat them. They're going to get their first Minor Flaw in a single year, and the second will be in another five. It's all from the same source, so it should really follow a largely unified theme. I've considered the idea of them picking up flaws to match vampires of folklore, but I don't think Warp from the Magic Realm would really recreate what is nominally a Faerie creature.

That sounds like some major botch die roll that caused a turbulence with both CrCo and CrAn effects over a Boundary range. Hate to have been sitting there watching that roll.

Anyway, I think vampirism is the wrong way to go with warping. You should do something in the magic realm, probably related to aging. A lesser malediction of some sort, or developing a fragile constitution or palsied hands. Something where aging is deferred at a relatively great cost for a mundane.

Some suggestions:

  • Reverse aging (like "The Curious cage of Benjamin Button"): within a few days, they look very old and wrinkle, but looks younger as years pass;
  • Oozing Youth, in their presence, plants, flowers and trees looks like they freshly bloomed, like in Spring. No matter the season. Once they move away, within a few minutes plants return to their normal state. Whatever was collected or harvested return to their normal state. One is walking in the snow and leaves footsteps of lush grass... for a few minutes;
  • Hunger for Youth: their apparence ages normally, however, in contact with somebody younger than them, they absorb some of its apparent youth. They siphon apparent age - no impact on real age and characteristic: a streak of grey hair, some wrinkles, spots on the skin and so forth.

It will lead to the village having the reputation of harboring ghouls, the fountain of eternal youth, faeries and what not. Let's hope the Church does not hear about it :smiling_imp: .

What about the affected inhabitants very slowly taking on characteristics of long-living plants - like oak trees? That is an interesting way to rationalize longevity, and might at least allow them to procreate by cuttings. Just an idea ...


i would also point out that, IMO, growing up is not the same as aging. Creo does not inhibit maturation, it inhibits deterioration. Perdo would stop natural growth, and/or cause degeneration.

Strange effect. It may be that the population will become fertile once they start aging again.

The simplest and most direct way might be, to just build the villagers' Minor Flaws from Warping around their infertility, and how they relate to it. This allows some variance of General and Personality Flaws, with defaults chosen from Social Handicap, Judged Unfairly, Oversensitive, Depressed, Lecherous and - yes - Hatred (Magi).


Yes, the turbulence roll was rather intimidating, and it was the least disruptive effect I could think of with the level of magic it said to produce. As the time frame hasn't happened yet for the villagers to notice, I'm tempted to go with the children maturing until they reach ~14yr and then ceasing any further growth due to the longevity ritual. Also, as the spell only uses Corpus & Animal forms, I'm going to err away from them gaining plant qualities; and am currently contemplating them becoming more serpent like due to their associations with longevity.

Minor Flaws Essential Flaw (avaricious), Warped Senses (Sensitive to Cold)

Since it's going to be ~15 in-game years before any of them pick up their minor virtue, I have time before I need to decide what kind of draconic/serpent virtue they will get.